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Fragrance reed diffuser - how to use and where?

Fragrance reed diffuser - how to use and where?

Aroma diffusers have become a permanent feature of our environment. And no wonder - it is a practical and easy way to provide a beautiful fragrance in the interior. The multitude of forms and capacities as well as practically unlimited possibilities in choosing the fragrance make the aroma diffusers very popular and are currently one of the hottest trends in the home fragrance industry. Did you know that fragrance diffusers are also called fragrance sticks or simply indoor fragrances? This proves their increasing popularity in our country.

A fragrance diffuser what is it and what is it for?

Dyfuzorem zapachowym nazywamy patyczki, zwykle wykonane z rattanu, które umieszczamy w szklanej bądź ceramicznej butelce wypełnionej olejkiem zapachowym. Każdy patyczek posiada wewnątrz swoiste kanaliki, przez które olejek przenosi się w górę patyczka, podobnie jak w przypadku... słomki. Zapach z olejku rozprzestrzenia się w powietrzu dzięki zjawisku parowania, fachowo zwanym ewaporacją zapachu, dzięki czemu Twój dom wypełni się pięknym aromatem.

W odróżnieniu od świec zapachowych, dyfuzor zapachowy uwalnia zapach stale i może być stosowany wszędzie tam, gdzie niewskazane jest używanie świec zapachowych, np. w przestrzeni biurowej. Do dyfuzji zapachu nie potrzeba ani płomienia ani ciepła. Jest to rozwiązanie bardzo wygodne w użyciu. Poniżej znajdziecie Wasze często zadawane pytania o dyfuzory zapachowe wraz z odpowiedziami.

How to use fragrance diffusers?

The fragrance diffuser is really easy to use. Open the oil bottle and place the desired number of sticks in it. You often ask how many sticks to put in the diffuser at once - if you want to get the full intensity of the fragrance, put them all at once, but if you are afraid of too strong a smell in a smaller space - add fewer sticks and increase the number of them by one until the optimal fragrance concentration is obtained .

I stopped feeling the diffuser fragrance, what should I do?

Reputable fragrance diffuser manufacturers recommend that you turn the sticks in the diffuser upside down approximately every seven days to ensure optimal fragrance release. Try this simple method that will make you smell again. It is important to put a paper towel under the diffuser when turning the sticks or otherwise protect the surface against possible spillage of a few drops of the oil.

It is important especially on wooden surfaces - essential oils can leave traces on them. We recommend the use of diffuser supports - glass and ceramic work very well.

Remember that each manufacturer gives an approximate time of fragrance release, which depends on many factors, such as the size of the room or even its humidity.

If you want to avoid the constant rotation of the sticks in the diffuser, try a novelty on the Polish market - Scent Sticks or Enviroscent sticks.

Are fragrance diffusers flammable?

As with any type of oil, the essential oils in fragrance diffusers can catch fire, so keep the fragrance diffuser away from open flames for safety reasons. The oils contained in fragrance diffusers are also not suitable for consumption.

How much oil should be poured into the diffuser at one time?

Most fragrance diffusers are already filled with fragrance in the optimal amount. However, if we buy a fragrance diffuser refill (such refills are offered, for example, by the Irish brand Max Benjamin), then it is recommended to pour the oil in full or in 3/4 of the bottle. When using a different fragrance, it is recommended to use new sticks.

Can I reuse the sticks for a different smell?

Unfortunately not. The sticks soak up the original scent of the oil and if we put such sticks into a new fragrance, a strange, not necessarily pleasant aroma mixture may be created. We recommend using new sticks each time you change the smell. The brands we offer are always supplemented with new sticks.

How often do you turn the sticks in the diffuser?

Usually, manufacturers give the time from seven to fourteen days, we recommend doing it every week - it is worth setting one time of the day, e.g. Sunday morning and turning the sticks upside down each time.

Where is the best place to put my new aroma diffuser?

There are two good options, each with advantages and disadvantages. You can place the fragrance diffuser in a place where the airflow takes place, e.g. near a window or near a fan - this will ensure faster and stronger fragrance release. The disadvantage of this solution is the limitation of the space in which the diffuser will intensively release the fragrance and the shortening of the fragrance release time. The second option is to place the diffuser away from sources of air movement. We recommend that you first place the diffuser away from the source of air movement - see if this intensity of fragrance release will be optimal for you. If so, leave the diffuser in place. If not, you can always place the diffuser closer to the window or air conditioner.

I love the smell of my diffuser, but sometimes I feel like something stronger. How to "boost" a fragrance?

To increase the intensity of the fragrance, you can add more sticks to the diffuser, turn the sticks in the diffuser upside down, or move the diffuser closer to a window or other source of air movement in the room. If that's not enough for you, choose a scented candle with the same fragrance and when you want to smell more intensely, just light the candle additionally.

What precautions should you take when using fragrance diffusers?

First of all, the diffuser oil must not be swallowed. Secondly, be careful when handling the diffuser and turning the sticks, as the oils may discolor e.g. a wooden surface. Third, the diffuser should always be kept out of the reach of children and pets. The oil is flammable, so under no circumstances should you set the sticks on fire! For the same reason, the diffuser should be placed away from open flames.

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