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Natural candles - what are they and how to choose them?

Natural candles - what are they and how to choose them?

Nowadays, more and more is said about ecology and return to nature. For many years, in pursuit of economic development, intensive exploitation of natural resources was carried out, which had a negative impact on the environment. Currently, we have both the knowledge and the ability to choose products that are friendly to our planet.

The natural trend is present in our lives in many areas - it applies to both food that we consciously choose from local suppliers, we pay attention to the composition of what we eat. When choosing cosmetics, we also follow the natural ingredients, we draw from the good of Mother Nature. It is no different in the case of our clothes, we choose, for example, bio cotton more and more often. In the case of scented candles, we can also go back to nature and choose candles consciously.

Which candles are natural?

You often ask which candles are natural, how to recognize and choose them. Natural candles are candles made of natural plant waxes. Vegetable wax is, for example, pure soy or palm wax. It can also be a candle made of natural coconut wax. Often, manufacturers also use mixtures of natural plant waxes, e.g. soy and palm wax, because these mixtures have very good combustion parameters.

Beeswax candles are sometimes assigned to the category of natural candles, but they are a raw material of animal origin, so they will not necessarily be approved by vegetarians or vegans. It is worth remembering that candles made of renewable resources are considered to be natural candles, therefore this category does not include paraffin candles (paraffin wax is petroleum waste).

Natural scented soy candle

Natural candles - how to recognize them?

It is best to buy in a professional and specialized online store, where the Customer Advisor will help you choose the candle that is right for you.

It is worth paying attention to the product description - a professional online store provides information from candle manufacturers regarding the raw material composition.

Can you identify a candle made of natural vegetable wax yourself?

Manufacturers often inform customers themselves that their products are made of natural plant waxes. Labels such as 100% soy wax, vegetable wax, natural wax etc.

You can also recognize some types of wax "by eye", for example coconut wax begins to slightly dissolve at temperatures above 25 degrees and on the surface of the candle we can see drops of liquid wax, while palm wax takes on a "crystal", shimmering structure.

Pure plant waxes are usually soft, therefore natural candles are poured, for example, in glass jars.

How do natural candles burn?

Vegetable waxes have very good combustion parameters. Candles made of natural vegetable waxes burn with warm yellow light. Vegetable wax is soft, it dissolves faster than paraffin wax, thanks to which the recommended one-time burning time is shortened.

Natural candles burn out cleanly, and when used as intended (e.g. away from drafts), they practically do not smoke.

I am looking for a vegetarian or vegan candle, how do I recognize it?

If you are looking for a vegetarian candle, choose a natural scented candle made of pure plant waxes.

It can be, for example, a candle made of soy, palm, coconut or a mixture of vegetable waxes. The range of vegetable waxes is constantly expanding, e.g. research on the use of rapeseed wax is currently underway.

If we are looking for a vegan candle, let's check if the candle does not contain any admixture of e.g. beeswax or tallow. For those of us who choose candles that are not tested on animals, we have, for example, the American brand Candle-lite Company that creates Cruelty Free products.

Why is it worth trying out natural candles?

Natural candles are environmentally friendly and made of renewable resources. By choosing such candles, we contribute to the improvement of the condition of our planet. Ask our Customer Advisor (available on the chat or by phone) about natural candles today or visit our online store.

Are there also natural scented wax melts?

Of course, producers of natural candles often extend their offer with aromatic waxes made of natural plant waxes. These waxes are soft, velvety and do not crumble.

Natural waxes quickly dissolve in the fireplace, reducing the time needed to release a beautiful fragrance. Fragrance waxes made of natural plant waxes are offered by, for example, the Intensive Collection, Colonial Candle and Candle-lite Company brands.

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