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What is a catalytic lamp? How does it work, what properties does it have and how to use it?

What is a catalytic lamp? How does it work, what properties does it have and how to use it?

The catalytic lamp has been widely known for centuries. Catalytic lamps are also called fragrance lamps. The multitude of types, sizes and shapes of catalytic lamps can make you dizzy. If you are wondering what a catalytic lamp is and if this product is made for you, read on.

What is a catalytic lamp?

The catalytic lamp is a device with a surprisingly simple structure. At the top of the lamp there is a catalytic stone, which is attached to a special wick placed inside the lamp. All catalytic lamps offered by us include a wick, a catalytic stone and a decorative lamp cap in the set.

How does a catalytic lamp work and what are its properties?

  • When a special fragrance (alcohol-based) is poured into the catalytic lamp, the fragrance is absorbed by the wick into the catalytic stone.
  • When you use a catalytic lamp, the liquid is converted by the catalytic stone into an O3 molecule.
  • When the O3 molecule comes into contact with the bacteria, it starts perforating the cell walls and breaking them down.
  • The particles also bind to air pollutants, neutralizing the unpleasant odor (they become O2 particles). At the same time, the fragrance dissipates.

How to use a catalytic lamp?

  • Remove the blanking cap and fill the lamp with the selected fragrance for catalytic lamps.
  • Insert the wick so that the stone is on top of the lamp and replace the cap.
  • Wait about 20 minutes, then remove the cap and ignite the stone for about 2 to 3 minutes, then blow out the flame.
  • Put the decorative cap back on and enjoy your fragrance.
  • When you want to stop using the lamp, put the blanking cap back on the lamp.

What will you find in our Woodbridge catalytic lamp starter kits?

Each Woodbridge fragrance lamp offered at Candle World contains everything you need to start your fragrance adventure:

  • A beautiful fragrance lamp to decorate your home.
  • Wick and catalytic stone.
  • Blanking overlay.
  • Decorative overlay.
  • Funnel for easy pouring of the lamp.
  • Instructions for use of the lamp.

Choose your favorite fragrance oil for catalytic lamps from our wide range and enjoy fragrance and cleaner air effortlessly.

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