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Natural wax scented candles

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Natural scented candles made of vegetable wax are a vegan proposition for anyone who values sustainable development. In our offer you will find all types of vegetable waxes used for the production of scented and odorless candles. Vegetable wax candles are not only candles made of homogeneous palm wax, stearin, rapeseed or hemp, but also the best blends of vegetable waxes, including soy wax, which are specially created to optimize candle burning. All this to provide you with the most pleasant fragrant sensations in harmony with nature.

Remember that all vegetable waxes are regenerated waxes.

Candles made of vegetable wax - palm wax

Palm wax is a vegetable wax with very good properties for the production of candles. Natural palm wax candles have a unique, shimmering structure resembling ice crystals, which is why you can sometimes meet the term "ice candles". Palm wax is also often added to soy wax, which improves combustion conditions even in less favorable environments.