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What to do when the wick sinks into the wax? Effective advice and solutions

What to do when the wick sinks into the wax? Effective advice and solutions

Candles are not only a source of light, but also a wonderful decorative element that can create an atmosphere of relaxation and tranquility. However, one of the common problems faced by candle lovers is the sinking of the wick into the wax. This can be frustrating, especially when the candle goes out and cannot be relighted. In this article we will discuss, why the wick sinks into the wax and how to prevent it, to enjoy a beautiful, even candle flame at all times.

Why the wick sinks into the wax?

1. Wick too long or too short

One of the most common reasons for sinking the wick is that it is too long. A long wick can burn unstably, causing excessive melting of the wax and resulting in sinking of the wick. A similar situation can occur if the wick is too short, which is constantly "flooded" with melting wax.

2. Improper candle ingredients

Some candles are made of low-quality wax that melts too quickly or too slowly. This can lead to sinking of the wick, especially if the candle is burned in a warm room.

3. Inappropriate ambient temperature

If the candle is burned in a room where it is too warm, the wax may melt faster than usual, which also contributes to the sinking of the wick.

4. Inadequate candle burning

Burning the candle for too short a time can cause the wax to not melt evenly. When the candle is lit and extinguished too often, the wax around the wick can accumulate in what is known as a "tunnel," leading to a sinking of the wax.

How to prevent the wick from sinking?

1. Trimming the wick

One of the most important steps to prevent the wick from sinking is to trim it regularly before each candle lighting. The ideal wick length is about 0.5 cm. Trimming the wick provides a stable flame and prevents excessive wax melting.

2. Using high quality candles

Choose candles made of high quality wax, such as, for example, soy wax with the right melting point. Avoid candles that melt too quickly, which can lead to problems with the wick.

3. Appropriate environmental conditions

Burn the candle in a room with the right temperature, preferably between 20-22°C. Avoid placing the candle near heat sources such as radiators or direct sunlight, which can accelerate the melting of the wax.

4. Proper candle burning

When burning the candle for the first time, make sure it burns long enough for the the entire surface of the wax has melted to the edge of the vessel. This will prevent tunnel formation and wax accumulation around the wick.

What to do when the wick has already sunk in?

1. Removal of excess wax

If the wick is embedded in wax, gently remove excess wax around the wick with a small spoon or knife. Be careful not to damage the wick.

2. Using paper or a cotton swab or spoon

If the wick is only slightly sunken, you can try using paper or a cotton swab to gently absorb the excess wax around the wick. You can also remove the wax with a spoon or knife. Make sure beforehand that the candle is extinguished correctly. Check that the wick is sufficiently visible and of sufficient length for re-lighting.

3. Trim the wick after removing the wax

After uncovering the wick, make sure it is trimmed to the correct length (about 0.5 cm). If the wick is too short, it can easily sink again.

Wick sinking into wax can be a frustrating problem, but there are a number of effective ways to prevent this and solve the problem once it occurs. Regularly trimming the wick, choosing quality candles and burning the candle in the right conditions are key steps that will help you enjoy a beautiful, stable flame. If the wick has already sunk, try to gently remove the excess wax and re-cut the wick to the proper length. With these simple tips, your candles will burn beautifully and evenly for a long time.

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