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Best scented candles in glass

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Discover the most popular scented candles in glass. This type of candles is currently the most popular product in the candle category all over the world! And no wonder - candles in glass have a lot of advantages that are worth knowing about.

Luxurious scented candles in glass containers from brands such as Colonial Candle, Purple River or Candle-lite, elegant design and high efficiency combined with carefully composed fragrances. Candles in glass of iconic brands known around the world are a proven choice that you will be satisfied with. Thanks to such candles, your home will be filled with unique aromas. Scented candles for the home are conducive to relaxation and relaxation every day.

Just as small, everyday pleasures determine the comfort of our lives, so the little things in our home make it cozy and nice. How to take care of the home atmosphere? By choosing scented candles in glass, which, when placed in the right places, will provide soft light and an embracing scent.

Professional decorators and interior stylists choose our candles in glass, because they know that fragrance is a key element of home staging, i.e. preparing the property for sale or rent.

Advantages of scented candles in glass

Why is it worth choosing scented candles in glass containers? This is associated with many benefits that other types of candles, especially candles without glass, do not provide. The characteristic features of such products are indicators of their unflagging popularity over the years. Discover the main advantages of scented candles in glass:

  • Safety and convenience of use. Scented candles in glass containers are safe to use, because the glass protects the melted wax from spilling onto the table or countertop. Glass is an odour-neutral material, which means that the scent of a candle in a glass container will be exactly as it should be.
  • High heat resistance is another advantage of glass as a container for candles. Maintaining a constant temperature during burning promotes even dissolution of wax, and thus - optimal burning of your candle.
  • Sustainable development and climate neutrality. Most types of glass are recyclable. This makes glass one of the raw materials that are renewable and environmentally friendly. If you want to recycle candle glass, check the rules in your country.
  • Reusable container. After burning out the candle and cleaning the glass, you can reuse them as a container for small items or decoration of your living room. Just take into account that reputable candle manufacturers do not recommend refilling a once-used candle container with another wax. This is due, among other things, to the fact that during home use, micro damage may occur on the glass, and the container may crack when pouring hot, dissolved wax.
  • Huge variety. The use of glass as a container for scented candles means that practically only the imagination limits the possibilities of creative creation of subsequent collections. Scented candles in glass can be colored in any color, they can have different sizes, finishes (matt, varnished, etc.). In addition, thanks to the use of colorful labels and lids, you can choose any type of scented candle in a glass at Candle World!
  • Storage without fragrance loss. If you buy a scented candle in a glass with a lid or a candle in a glass jar, you can easily store the candle comfortably and safely when you are not using it. All you have to do is cover the candle, and it will not dust and evaporate the scent.
  • The glass diffuses the light beautifully. The most visible effect will of course be made of transparent (transparent) glass. However, you can count on the original riot of colors by choosing colored glass, even frosted. An interesting solution is a candle in semi-transparent glass, as if brushed with a hint of color. Seasonally, there are also limited candles in glass with an openwork painting.

Scented candles in glass - types

There are different types of scented candles in glass. The differences concern both the type and color of the wax used in the candle, burning times, the intensity of fragrances, the number of wicks or the design itself - the size, colors and decorations of such candles. Here are the main types of scented candles in glass depending on the adopted distinguishing criterion.

What are the sizes of candles in glass?

  • Large scented candles in glass. Here we will meet the largest candles in glass containers that can hold up to half a kilo or more of wax! As an example, take a look at the large candles in Woodbridge glass. Of course, we also offer huge XXL candles weighing up to several kilograms. Such luxurious, large candles are usually chosen by connoisseurs with really large spaces to fill with fragrance.
  • Medium sized candles. Typically, the weight of wax here is no more than 350 - 300 g. Often, such candles have more than one wick and are placed in wider glass containers. An example can be candles with three wicks Candle-lite from the Everyday collection.
  • Small candles in glass jars. Small candles in glass, for example in charming jars with a glass lid, with a weight of wax usually not exceeding 100 - 150 g, is a proposal for smaller rooms. If you want to provide fragrance in a small room, such candles will be perfect. Be sure to try Purple River candles in a glass jar and Haribo candle sets.

If you are not sure what size of candle will be right for you, you can use our buying guide. It's also a good idea for everyone to buy a smaller candle to try out the scent. Although, of course, as in many other cases, bigger is better and, above all, cheaper. The larger the candle, the lower the price per burning hour.

What waxes can be found in scented candles in glass?

The most popular wax in scented candles in good quality glass are natural waxes. Natural waxes include plant and animal waxes, like beeswax. Soy wax candles are the leader among vegetable waxes. We will also meet wax blends, for example with coconut, rapeseed or hemp wax. Animal wax is, of course, beeswax and tallow, which is practically withdrawn from use in candles.

Paraffin is still used in candles, but due to its origin and properties, the market share of this raw material is constantly decreasing. It is still commonly used in candles by brands such as Bispol, Bolsius or Yankee Candle.

Types of wicks in glass candles

  • Cotton wicks are by far the most popular. This is due to their many advantages, such as wide availability, adaptability to the type of container and high efficiency in combustion. All cotton wick candles offered at Candle World are lead free.
  • For several years, natural wooden wicks have also been available, which sizzle like wood in a home fireplace when burning. Such wicks can be found, for example, in CLCo candles by Candle-lite.

How many wicks in a candle?

In a glass candle we can find one or more wicks. Single wick candles are conducive to a long burning time, which can be as long as 140 - 150 hours for large Purple River candles in a glass jar. In turn, the use of several wicks in a candle gives more light, but shortens the burning time of a candle with a similar weight. The most popular types of multi-wick candles are, of course, two-wick candles (e.g. Colonial Candle) and three-wick candles (e.g. Charmed Aroma).

Other types of scented candles in glass

We can make a few more basic divisions of candles in glass. These are, of course, candles with a lid (usually wooden or glass, less often metal or plastic) and those without a lid.

Some glass candles are packed in an extra gift box. Such packaging not only protects the candles from damage, but also makes you have a ready gift without having to pack it. Candles in a box can be found in the Ted & Friends offer. Boxes are commonly used in our scented candle sets, such as Haribo candle sets or Candle Brothers gift sets.

Remember that scented candles in glass at Candle World are a perfect gift for any occasion, including Valentine's Day, Women's Day, Mother's Day, friend's birthday or sister's name day. Of course, there is no autumn or Christmas without beautifully scented candles!

Are scented candles in glass a home decoration item?

By all means, your glass candle can be a perfect interior decoration. Thanks to them, you will decorate your home, even if you are a very demanding person and you have sophisticated taste.

Create a friendly atmosphere in your home by inviting a selected scent of a candle in a glass. If you place a candle in the living room, you will be surrounded by beautiful light and soothing aroma during meetings and moments of relaxation. For lovers of absolute relaxation, we recommend candles for home spa - dedicated to the bathroom and bedroom. Do not forget about meetings with friends and light a candle that will favor your long conversations on important topics.

On the market you will find charming candles in amber glass, candles in glass jars in various sizes, as well as those tied with a ribbon. Sometimes you can also find candles with a decorative glass shade, which can be used as a brilliantly simple candle extinguisher!

Where to buy scented candles in glass?

When buying scented candles in glass, use only proven online stores with many years of experience. At Candle World, we make sure that your candle in a glass container is properly protected during transport. We pack candles so that they reach you without any damage. As professionals, we also care about ensuring optimal storage conditions for candles in our warehouses.

Beware of unreliable sources of purchase, where improper storage of candles (too cold room, exposure to direct sunlight, etc.) can destroy the scent in the candle or lead to damage to the wax. When buying products from an unverified source, you can not count on the warranty being taken into account.

In the offer of our professional shop with scented candles in glass, you will find attractive price promotions and discounts, as well as a weekly dose of fragrant novelties from iconic brands. We have candles of all sizes, types and colors for you at Candle World. Make the best decision and take advantage of professional advice and customer service at the highest level.

How to carry and transport scented candles in glass?

If you are collecting a package with a candle, e.g. from a parcel machine, remember to keep the package in an upright position when transporting it home. If it's summer and you leave the package upside down in a hot car, it may take a few hours for the wax to melt and run off. Also, be careful not to expose the candle to direct sunlight.

The basic principle is to carry the candle in an upright position. If you have several products in your bag, make sure that the candle is not exposed to hard objects that can cause microdamage to the glass. Such damage, seemingly invisible, leads in extreme cases to glass breakage during burning. Therefore, always place the candle on an additional, non-flammable candle holder when burning.

Can you sleep with lit candles?

Remember never to fall asleep with candles lit, as this can cause a fire! Do not leave a burning candle unattended, and before going to bed, properly extinguish the candle by cutting off the oxygen supply.

Scented candles at Candle World - find the perfect one for you!

We have the widest range of iconic glass scented candles on the market. You will find the widest range of fragrances with us, from the classics, such as floral or fruity candles, to refreshing citrus, sea and fresh notes. There was no lack of exotic patchouli, sandalwood or strong incense. For lovers of unusual fragrances, we will find, for example, saffron or nag champa. Discover the perfect candle among the thousands available at Candle World.

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