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Wooden wick scented candles

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The charm of the hearth and the desire for cozy evenings spent by the warm fireplace direct our attention to wooden wick scented candles. Candles with a wooden wick combine the advantages of traditional fragrance therapy with a pleasant atmosphere reminiscent of wood crackling in a fireplace.

Do wooden wick scented candles crackle as they burn?

Wooden wick candles can have a wick made of different types of wood and even pressed bamboo shoots. Depending on the material used and on the other components of the candle, it may make a louder or quieter sound of crackling wood when burning.

When choosing a very loud crackling wooden wick candle, we must take into account that the sound will be really audible, even with music or film on. When it comes to more discreet, softer sounds, they provide a pleasant background to any activity.

How to choose a candle with a wooden wick?

Candles with a wooden wick can be found in many candle brands, mainly from the premium segment. The best effect is, of course, a combination of a wooden wick and natural vegetable wax, for example soy or a wax blend. A wooden wick has a bigger flame than a cotton wick, so by its nature it can smoke more while burning.

For this reason, it is recommended to trim the wick to a length of approximately 5 mm using a wick trimmer before lighting the candle.

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