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Scented candles

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Fascination over scents dates back to the beginnings of our civilization. Even in ancient time, people have used scents to impress others. Fragrance choice was very limited in the past - both geographically and in different usage possibilities, especially in creative ways. As the civilization grown first candles appeared. At the beginning in the traditional form, and then the beloved by everyone scented candles were created.

Scented candles are our passion and joy at Candle World

In the past candles were used mostly for practical reasons as a light source of a certain lumen value. Did you know, that one of the first developed light measuring systems was the brightness of one candle power (the so-called candela).

Of course, things have changed a lot since then. Today, we put candles in our living rooms, bathrooms and bedrooms with the expectation that the light will remain soft, moody and slightly dimmed. We want to be surrounded by a beautiful aroma of candle wax melting every evening.

Scented candles and decorative fragranced candles for you

We know that you want to make a good impression on your loved one during a romantic dinner or at a movie night with children, therefore we have a perfectly scented candle for you! When you are looking for a lavender candle to help you unwind in the evening - you will find hundreds of fragrance compositions with a note of lavender at Candle World.

Candle magic is not just a daily ritual of lighting a candle to symbolically end the day. The elusive beauty of the moment with delightful aroma will help you creating the most beautiful memories. By combining the scent that stimulates the smell sense with the soothing candle light for sight sense, you create an inseparable connection in the mind. And you can achieve all this with our scented candles.

Your moment of pleasure with aromatic candle

Choose how you want to feel today. Do you need more energy with fresh citrus candle scents? Or maybe the most important thing for you is a sense of comfort? Then choose vanilla candles or lavender-scented ones. Fancy a culinary journey? We have candles that smell like delicious pumpkin pie and banana bread, and even like your grandma's Christmas pastries! Look at the lovely Christmas scented candles.

Our scented candles are the best support for mood boost. You will no longer be afraid of long autumn evenings and winter nights. Get the satisfaction of doing something just for yourself. Light a candle and allow yourself to not rush anywhere. You are only here and now.

What scented candles do you recommend?

At Candle World candle shop, you can find scented candles for everyone! We have an assortment of aromatic candles for every budget, in all scents, sizes and shapes. We recommend looking at our bestsellers, especially well-known branded candles loved all over Europe and around the world for years.

Natural scented candles and soy candles in glass

An excellent choice will be to try natural scented candles, including trendy soy scented candles. You will find them in most candle manufacturers, such as Purple River, Colonial Candle or Candle-lite. Regardless of whether you prefer the most popular scented candles in glass on the market or unique decorative scented candles in ceramics, you will find something for yourself.

Why are natural candles good?

Firstly of all, they are made from renewable wax, like the most popular soy wax, coconut or rapeseed wax, as well as wax of animal origin, i.e. beeswax. Manufacturers often use specially designed natura wax blends, for example a combination of soy wax and coconut.

Natural scented candles and soy candles have a great advantage - the candle flame, unlike paraffin candles, is warm and cozy. In addition, natural candles usually burn longer and do not smoke.

We were the first on the market to introduce soy scented tealights to our offer, thanks to which you can enjoy a lovely fragrance while illuminating your room.

Nowadays, as a result of the growing popularity of natural candles, soy candles are more and more attractive when it comes to their value.

Jewelry scented candles are a perfect gift idea

Jewelry scented candles have become very popular in recent years. Of course, every candle is a great, but jewelry candles change the game forever! How it works? Really easy! You will find jewelry melted inside the candle as a surprise. It can be a ring, bracelet, necklace or even silver earrings or studs. Jewelry candles can be found at Charmed Aroma brand offer.

Wooden wick scented candles

Scented candles with a wooden wick are one of the things really worth trying! Instead of classic cotton wick, these products use natural pressed wood. This wood can come from different trees, such as oak or pinewood and even bamboo!

When you light a candle with a wooden wick, you get a large, bright flame. Wooden wicks emit a sound when burning, which resembles wood burned in a fireplace. If you close your eyes for a moment and bring your thoughts to a mountain hut with wood burning in the fireplace, you will feel the vibe of the wooden wick!

Scented candles in glass

This is the most popular type of scented candles today, which beats traditional ones like pillar candles or ball candles. There is a reason for it! Glass candles have many advantages, among them the most important are:

  • Convenience of use - the candle is easy to light and extinguish.
  • Increased safety - because of a glass container, the melted wax will not spill out of the candle
  • Ecology and sustainability - glass can be reused or recycled according to the rules in your country
  • Elegant design and stylish decor item - the simplicity of the glass means that nothing distracts you from enjoying candle flame.

Decorative aroma candles

Simplicity and minimalism will not work always and everywhere. That is why we prepared a wide range of decorative scented candles for you. Sometimes they are scented candles without glass in fancy shapes, patterns and design. These unusual candles that will be a perfect decoration for your interior can be found in ceramic containers or decorated glass, and even in natural coconut bowls!

For great design enthusiasts, we have decorative candles that are both stylish and beautifully fragranced! It's hard to find a better deal.

Scented candle sets

When you are looking for a gift idea, our scented candle sets will be perfect even on the go! These ready-made gift sets are amazing foe very occasion. We have for example Haribo candle sets and Christmas soy candle sets in glass for you.

Why is it worth choosing a set of scented candles? The scents in the set have a theme, for example fruity, Christmas or floral, thanks to which you can perfectly match the gift to the taste of the recipient. Beautifully packed, they will please the eye not only under the Christmas tree.

Types of scented candles

You don't have to feel overwhelmed by the multitude of candle scents and their types. We have provided you with a brief description of the main types of scented candles to help you choose the perfect candle. Here are the most popular types of scented candles:

  • Scented candles in glass - this is by far the most frequently chosen type nowadays. Ease of use and aesthetic design determine their continued popularity. If you are looking for your first candle, this choice will be the safest.
  • Ceramic candles - candles in ceramic containers are usually made of natural wax. The candle container is an great decor item that you will use at home.
  • Candles with jewelry - a great gift idea for her. Inside the candle you will find jewelry melted in wax, for example a silver ring or a pair of earrings.
  • Natural candles, including soy candles - we are proud to be the first to introduce natural soy candles to our offer and we still offer several thousand models at Candle World. Candles made from natural soy wax and other vegetable wax are better for the environment. By choosing them, you reduce the consumption of petroleum paraffin on a global scale!
  • Decorative scented candles - usually in fancy forms, they please the eye and are a great gift for any occasion.
  • Scented tealights will provide you with fragrant pleasure for less. They will work in smaller rooms and wherever you require more warm candlelight.
  • Luxury scented candles - these are unique, exclusive candles that contain sophisticated and multi-level fragrances just like your favorite perfume.
  • Candles with a wooden wick - these wicks emit a sound when burning, like wood burning in a fireplace.
  • Cotton wick candles - the most popular and available everywhere. They can have a single wick or multiple wicks, so your candle will burn faster.

Advantages of scented candles

Scented candles have many advantages, and here are the most important of them:

  • 2-in-1 product - a candle not only provides a cozy atmosphere in your home, but also immediately emits an intense fragrance. You don't need to buy an additional scented oil or spray to ensure the perfect fragrance and pleasant atmosphere.
  • A practical way to aromatherapy. We offer a lot of candles with natural oils, including essential oils. Now you can take advantage of their aromatherapy properties in a convenient form.
  • Fragrance for everyone. Scented candles are like good perfume. We have different tastes and like different combinations of scents, which is why each brand of candles we offer offers a wide range of fragrance notes. Here you will find popular floral, fruit, spicy, lavender, fresh and sweet candles, as well as sophisticated chypre, men's, woody and oriental fragrances.
  • Pleasant, romantic candlelight. Candles offer us a romantic atmosphere in a blink of an eye.
  • A quick way to refresh your interior decor. You can choose from different colors, shapes and sizes of scented candles. Now you can easily change the mood in the interior, for example for spring, summer or the pre-Christmas period.
  • You can choose your mood on demand! If you want to unwind and relax, choose the soothing notes of lavender and vanilla. When you need refreshment, try the scent of orange blossom and lemongrass. We have the perfect candles for work that will improve your concentration. You will also find sensual fragrances for a romantic evening for two.
  • The perfect gift! Sometimes we don't know what to buy for a loved one or a person we don't know very well. Candles to the rescue! It is good to give yourself such a fragrant gift from time to time using the our best candle deals.
  • They help create beneficial rituals. If you end the day in candlelight, lighting them can be the beginning of a new evening routine. Scented candles from Candle World are also perfect for meditation, relaxation, yoga or even complex rituals with candles thanks to ritual candles.

We all know that feeling when we smell something and suddenly a memory comes to mind. An event from the past that you managed to evoke with a scent. Maybe you will smell fresh bread in the bakery and remember the breakfast your mother used to prepare for school. Or maybe the sweet aroma of Christmas pastries that brings back memories of holidays at grandma's. The smell of the flowers you had in your wedding bouquet. Sea breeze reminiscent of holidays in the country ... The smell of a fragrant Christmas tree that you decorated together with your parents. The aroma of fresh autumn air and earthy notes of moss and wood to remember that most important walk in the park with your loved one...

When fragrance bring back memories...

You can evoke all these memories with candles. You can buy best scented candles at Candle World, which will not only allow you to remember the most beautiful moments. Fragrances affect our subconscious, so with their help you can create new memories. This is the unique magic of candles that we have been discovering together with you for many years.

Our ways to feel good

Discover a wide range of scented candles and all the fragrances you can imagine. We have every size of candle for you, from a small candle in glass, through candles with a wooden wick, to large candles in glass jars. We give you the choice to make your home perfectly cozy.

Surprises hidden in your candle and home SPA

Do you like surprises? We do too! That's why we have Charmed Aroma jewelry candles for you. Light the candle, and as the fragrant wax melts, you will be able to take out exclusive jewelry from it. You can choose from necklaces, rings, bracelets and earrings - all exceptionally beautiful and pleasing to the eye.

Moreover, we have special Charmed Aroma bath bombs with jewelry for you to help you relax in the bathtub. As the sparkling ball dissolves in the water, your eyes will reveal a jewelry box - surprise! You will not only relax and unwind, but also gain a new fashion accessory after this fragrant wellness-style beauty ritual. How about a day for yourself? Combine your favorite ways to relax with the scent of candles and beauty rituals. You will feel so much better when you do something good for yourself. You deserve it!

Natural soy wax and intense fragrance in a classic design

If you like intense fragrances and natural wax, be sure to reach for Purple River soy candles. All candles of this brand are vegan and made of natural soy wax. You can choose from hundreds of fragrances and candle sizes as well as various designs - from classic scented candles in glass jars to elegant Unique candles. Did you like a fragrance so much that you want more? Purple River brand comes to the rescue! Choose reed diffusers, a scented sachet and wax melts in the same fragrance.

A bit of luxury and the unboxing you'll remember

Luxury fragrances that please you from the moment you touch the candle packaging can be found in the popular Ted & Friends brand. A charming vintage teddy bear and decorative box reveals a minimalistic candle with great fragrance power. Added essential oils provide the most beautiful, naturally fragrant scent, and soy wax ensures perfect burning of your candle.

Scented candles for animal lovers

Do you love your four-legged friend, but sometimes its smell may seem too intense? Be sure to try the PetHouse Candles perfect for dog owners and other pet lovers. Candles in classic, thick glass filled with soy wax and fragrances that neutralize unwanted odors in the environment.

No more boring fragrances

When you are looking for original candles with intense scents, be sure to try Candle-lite and Colonial Candle, which will surprise you with the clarity of scents and the richness of multi-level compositions. In the collections you will find hundreds of possibilities to provide yourself with a fragrant home.

Tired of candles that barely or don't smell at all?

You will not find such with us. We have for you only specially selected brands that meet all quality standards.

What fragrance notes can we find in candles?

Each scented candle will give you a unique fragrance blend for your space. Candles offer perfumery multidimensional fragrances, so you can choose the best for you. Like a good perfume, Candle World scented candles have top, heart and base notes:

  • Top notes - the first scent you will feel after lighting your candle is the top note.
  • Heart notes - appear after a few minutes after lighting the candle.
  • Base notes - you will feel when the candle is already strongly lit.

In our candles offered by well-known manufacturers, wax used are devoid of their own fragrance (e.g. soy wax). Nothing disturbs the perfect harmony of scents that surround your interior while the candle is burning.

How to use scented candles to enjoy them as long as possible?

There are some proven tips on how to use scented candles. To make the fragrance as intense as possible, follow these simple tips for using candles:

  • Always (and we mean it!) light all the wicks in the candle. If you don't, the candle will begin to tunnel and the wick may flood. Tunneling is when the wax burns only around the wick, creating a funnel in the wax.
  • Respect the one-time burn time recommended by the manufacturers. If you don't know it, you'll find it on the candle's label. It is assumed that the candle should burn for about 2 - 3 hours each time and at least until the wax is fully dissolved on the surface of the candle.
  • Trim the wick. This should be done before each candle is lit. As a standard, we cut the wick to a length of about 5 - 6 mm, unless the manufacturer recommends otherwise. A great and convenient tool for trimming the wick is a wick trimmer (also called candle scissors).

Large scented candles and small scented candles

Depending on your needs, we have prepared not only various scents and colors of candles, but also various sizes of scented candles.

Small scented candles are perfect for smaller rooms, for example in the bedroom, and large scented candles in the living room and living space.

Medium-sized candles are a compromise between an attractive price and the intensity of the fragrance. They are perfect for rooms such as a kitchen or office or a small living room.

Scented candles can stimulate your senses. Immerse yourself in the world of scented candles at Candle World and let yourself be carried away by a fragrant adventure. Relax and enjoy with the help of well-known scented candle brands. We will deliver the whole world of fragrances straight to your home.

Intense scented candles

As a professional candle shop, we offer not only professional advice and the largest amount of information about scented candles. Only with us you can search for a candle by its intensity. When you choose large candles, they will be the most intense for a given brand. Medium candles will be a little less intense than large ones, and as you've probably guessed - the smallest candles will have a lower aroma power.

How to choose a scented candle?

Choosing the best scented candle doesn't have to be difficult. All you have to do is choose the right fragrance for you. Craving something sweet, fruity or maybe fresh? When choosing a scented candle, you can also be guided by your taste in perfume, it's a big help. If, for example, you don't like the cucumber note in eau de toilette, avoid it in candles and home fragrances as well.

Scented candles at their best

All scented candles in Candle World (and there are thousands of them!) will provide you with the opportunity to choose the most interesting patterns, colors and prints.. Below you will find additional advice on how not to get lost in ????offers, online stores and types of scented candles. Of course, you will find the best scented candles from renowned brands at Candle World.

  • If you are looking for candles to light up a dark room, choose wooden wick candles or multi-wick candles (containing more than one wick).
  • When you are looking for aromatherapy candles, take advantage of the candles with essential oils we offer.
  • When looking for a gift, be sure to scroll through our scented candle sets and candles with jewelry, for example candles with a necklace.

Perfect candles for a romantic evening

You can choose a perfectly matching candle for a romantic dinner or an evening for two. Recommended scents for dinner that will whet your appetite are notes of vanilla, chocolate and cherry. If you're getting ready for an afterparty, try the sensual scents of rose and Ylang Ylang.

If you have little time to prepare a romantic dinner, a scented candle will help you create a sensual atmosphere in just a few moments. After all, how long does it take to light a candle? Two seconds?

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