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Scented wax sand for wax burners

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Do you like unique things, created only for you and personalized? Do you have an artistic soul or do you know someone like that? Do you love new products and like to check interesting products? See how unique our scented sand is to make your own scented candle! Scented sand is a novelty in Poland, it is a scented wax in the form of sand, from which you can easily "put" your scented candle in any glass or ceramic dish. Importantly, you don't have to dissolve the wax for it, there is no danger of getting burned, you can do everything quickly and easily. In each large set of scented sand you will find two wooden, slightly sizzling, long wicks that will allow you to create a few or even a dozen handmade scented candles.

Scented sand offered in our Candle World store is made of 100% natural, vegetable palm wax. The unique property of palm wax is the shimmering "crystal" structure when dissolved. Interestingly, we also offer scented sand with pure essential oils. You can also choose a smaller capacity of scented sand and use it as a practical scented wax for scented fireplaces.