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Scented sachets for wardrobe and drawers

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We want our surroundings to be cozy, pleasant and inviting. Even when we are constantly on the go, we want to feel good and nice. Fragrance sachets and scent cards will provide you with the scent where you want it.

How do wardrobe fragrance sachets work?

These small sachets are a real fragrance bomb - they release the fragrance constantly, wherever you want. Classic fragrance sachets offered in our online store are natural wood shavings soaked in oils. The oils constantly release their fragrance, they also have an extended shelf life - in smaller spaces, such as a drawer, they can keep you happy for up to 6 months.

What is a fragrance card?

Fragrance cards are a new product that is a way to elegantly introduce a fragrance. Rubber cards, completely non-greasy, soaked in oils and usually with a practical hanger, will work great even in your handbag!

In our online store Candle World we offer a wide selection of fragrance cards and sachets for wardrobes.

How to use a fragrance sachet for the wardrobe?

Throw the fragrance sachet in your wardrobe or drawer and enjoy the fragrance as soon as you open it. The sachets and fragrance cards are also great in the car (place them anywhere, e.g. under the seat), as well as in less obvious places, such as your favorite handbag or fitness bag. You can also easily fit the fragrance in your suitcase, thanks to which your clothes will smell beautiful even after a long journey.