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Hair care products

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Well-groomed, healthy-looking hair will make you feel good. Choose your hair care products consciously and take care of your hair today. The basic step to choose the right hair care is to familiarize yourself with the needs of your hair and scalp.

How to choose the right hair care?

To choose the optimal hair care, answer the question, what type of hair do you have? Is your hair straight, curly or naturally wavy?

In addition to the type of hair curl, it is important to check whether your hair is dry, normal, greasy, or damaged by dyeing and styling, and therefore brittle. Some of us have mixed hair (oily at the roots, dry at the ends), dyed or heavily bleached or simply thin and delicate.

Hair porosity is another important information that will help you choose the right hair care. There are three degrees of hair porosity:

  • low porosity,
  • medium porosity,
  • highly porous.

The last of the basic questions to ask before choosing a shampoo or conditioner is to take a look at your hair and scalp. Do you notice any undesirable phenomena, problems that you want to deal with? The most common problems with hair and scalp are dandruff, excessive oiliness, psoriasis, atopic dermatitis, alopecia or excessive hair loss.

For each type of hair, you can choose the right cleansing (shampoo) and care cosmetics (hair masks, hair conditioners, hair serums or hair oils. Don't forget about the right hair styler that will help you create the hairstyle you dream about.

Why is it worth taking care of your hair?

If you gain the right knowledge about your hair, you will be able to meet their needs. Proper care will lead your hair to a healthy appearance. It will help eliminate or reduce the problems you are struggling with. If you already have beautiful hair, care should be done to maintain the effect. Hair care can include such subcategories as:

  • Hair shampoos
  • Hair conditioners
  • Hair masks
  • Hair serum
  • Styling products
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