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Gifts for Valentine's Day

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Before each Valentine's Day, both singles and people in relationships think about how to celebrate this day, which falls on February 14 every year. For people in relationships, this is often stressful as it involves planning a romantic date for two. Singles, on the other hand, often organize parties or parties with their closest friends to celebrate the holiday of love with loved ones. For everyone, we have the best candles for Valentine's Day that will provide a cozy atmosphere, however you intend to spend Valentine's Day.

As we all know, Valentine's Day is a celebration of love. If you are in a relationship, surprise your other half. Show that you care about her / him, that you remember and try to make February 14 special for you. Or maybe you like someone and you want to finally tell that person how you feel about them? Valentine's Day is the perfect time for a love confession!

To make this task easier for you, we have prepared a specially selected assortment of Valentine's Day scented candles for you. At Candle World you will find natural scented candles, including soy candles. There were also classic, unscented red candles, which are clearly associated with love and fiery feelings.

What to choose for Valentine's Day?

A beautifully packaged natural scented candle will give your loved one pleasure not only on Valentine's Day, but also for many evenings spent together. This ensures a long burning time of our scented candles. Decorative candles for Valentine's Day can be used even after burning out as a container for storing a trinket or just a beautiful souvenir of the time spent together.

Candles for Valentine's Day

To create a romantic mood, reach for classic, seductive fragrances. Here are seven unique fragrance notes to try on Valentine's Day according to the traditional meaning of scents:

  • Patchouli - expressive, seductive note that provides a sense of security and peace. Perfect when you want to take care of coziness.
  • Jasmine - a fragrance traditionally used in love spells, it increases desire and has a positive effect on the mood.
  • Ylang Ylang - considered an aphrodisiac, Ylang Ylang supports sensuality and sensuality.
  • Sandalwood - Reputed to be a lust-inducing scent for both men and women, this will help raise the temperature in the bedroom.
  • Vanilla - research shows that vanilla can positively affect male sensuality. If you want to seduce him, be sure to choose this fragrance.
  • Rose - the smell of rose can increase libido and support the fight against depression. Rose flower can have a positive effect on the nervous system, which will increase sensitivity to touch.
  • Lavender - lavender candles reduce muscle tension and help you relax, making you calm and relaxed.

As you can see, it's worth spending literally a few minutes to provide a well-chosen fragrance for Valentine's Day.

Romantic Valentine's Day evening - how to create?

In addition to choosing the right scented candle for Valentine's Day that will seduce your loved one, take care of the right mood. Soft, warm candlelight is ideal, so be sure to try soy scented tealights. Place them around the room in dedicated candle holders. We have an extra tip for you - place heart-shaped tealights on a tray and light them all at once. It looks magical and unique, just like a romantic dinner prepared by you!

Bet on proven colors associated with Valentine's Day, such as red or pink. A bouquet of your favorite flowers won't hurt. If you spend Valentine's evening at home, decorate the living room and bedroom with candles and flowers. Turn off other light sources, especially in the bedroom. The soft, warm light of candles makes our bodies look very good and it is worth taking advantage of it!

Rose petals leading to the bed, a romantic Valentine's Day card and a jewelry bath bomb will make your loved one's heart ignite with desire on Valentine's Day. If you want to give your loved one a gift that will remind them of your date together, we have something special for you. These are candles with jewelry sunk inside the wax. Surprise guaranteed!

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