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Candles with jewelry, Scented candles with jewelry

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When you are looking for something special and you want to feel the magic of anticipation with excitement, be sure to try jewelry candles right now. Scented candles with jewelry melted inside are also a perfect gift idea. You can always choose the top scented candles with necklace, ring, bracelet or earrings. At Candle World you will find carefully selected candles with jewelry, which will be perfect for all fashion style accessories lovers.

Jewelry candles - how it works?

The idea is very simple - jewelry has been melted in your soy candle during production process. It can be made of various materials, such as 925 silver. Each ring, bracelet, earrings or pendant necklace has been secured in a scented candle. Because of that you can safely, easily and comfortably pull it out of the candle without worrying about getting the jewelry dirty with wax residue.

How to remove jewelry from a candle?

To enjoy a unique necklace or bracelet from your jewelry candle, follow the instructions below:

  • Place the candle on a non-flammable surface (e.g. a candle tray) and light it. If your jewelry candle has more than one wick, light all the wicks in the candle at once. Before lighting the candle, make sure that the wicks are not too long (follow the manufacturer's recommendations, usually about 5-6 mm wick length is recommended).
  • Enjoy the scent of your candle and wait patiently. This is the hardest part of the whole process - waiting for the outline of a small container to appear on the surface of melted wax... it's your jewelry! In most candles with jewelry, you have to wait a several hours before the wax melts enough to show your ring or necklace.
  • Continue burning the candle until the box is very visible on the surface of the wax.
  • Then safely extinguish the candle (preferably using a candle extinguisher), wait a moment and gently remove the wax jewelry box from candle. For convenience, you can use tweezers or small pliers for this purpose. From our experience, we recommend preparing a small plate or a paper towel (handkerchief) next to the candle to safely put the jewelry box away, because it will be covered with wax residues that can stain the tabletop.
  • The box may be hot, wait a while before opening it (although we know how much you want to see your jewelry already!).
  • You can light the candle again after some time (when the surface of the wax solidifies, which happens quickly in candles made of natural soy wax).
  • Ready! Now all you have to do is put on your new jewelry and wear it with joy and pride!

Types of jewelry candle

There are different jewelry candle type, so you have a wide choice when you decide to try them. We can classify jewelry scented candles based on the type of jewelry inside, the shape and size of the candle (and the type of container), and the wax used in the candle.

Ring candles

One of the most popular types of jewelry candles is, of course, candle with a ring. We love to appreciate our hands, so choosing this type of jewelry in a candle will always be a good choice.

We have one-size rings to choose from, which are adjustable. Adjustable ring will be the best when we don't know the finger size or we do not know on which finger they will want to wear the ring on. An alternative, of course, are the most popular rings in standard sizes from 5 to 10 (XS to XXL). The key to choosing the right size is to measure the circumference of your finger with a measure tape and use the attached size chart of a jewelry candle manufacturer, such as Charmed Aroma. Some rings may have natural gemstones (e.g. amethyst or aventurine). Others are decorated with Swarovski crystals. Some can be made of 925 sterling silver or even coated with yellow gold or rose gold. A huge selection of shapes, sizes and different styles of rings will allow you to easily choose the right candle with a random ring.

Necklace candles or pendant candles

Soy candles with a necklace are a very popular gift idea for many reasons. Firstly, a necklace is a very versatile type of jewelry. It is not necessary - as in the case of earrings - to have pierced ears to wear it. What's more, there is no problem with choosing the right size (as with the rings).

Candle necklaces can be made of many different materials, for example 925 silver. Necklaces are often made with pendants in various shapes (e.g. animals, hearts or inscriptions). Pendants in necklaces can also contain gemstones, such as clear quartz, opal or rose quartz. Some necklaces are decorated with Swarovski crystals or cubic zirconia, which gives them a special sparkle. Not to mention the increasingly popular multi-layer necklaces, which imitate many necklaces in one piece of jewelry.

Earrings candles

Earrings have been worn by women (as well as men) since the beginning of civilization. Therefore, to this day it is one of the most popular types of jewelry. Candles with earrings are a great way to change not only the interior design, provide a pleasant fragrance at home, but also get a new ear accessories. Earrings come in many shapes and sizes. We can choose from classic stud earrings and bold hoop earrings. Smaller and larger, they will be a great gift for her for any occasion.

You can choose from a variety of seasonal earring candles, such as those featuring special earrings for Halloween, Christmas or Mother's Day. Cheerful earrings in the shape of a pineapple, strawberries or dog paws will delight the recipient. If you prefer the classics, we offer elegant mini hoop earrings or minimalist stud earrings.

Candles with a bracelet

Are you looking for a unique gift idea that will delight the recipient every day and will accompany them in every situation? Be sure to look at candles with a bracelet. Beautifully shiny bracelets in universal sizes adapt to any wrist. Some of them are made with zircons, natural crystals or various beads, as well as of 925 silver.

Types of jewelry in candles

You can find random earrings, necklaces, pendants, bracelets or rings in jewelry candles:

  • Candle jewelry can be made of 925 sterling silver or rhodium-plated metal coated even with rose gold or yellow gold.
  • Rings in candles are often one-size or adjustable, so you don't need to know the circumference of the recipient's finger.
  • The necklace in the candle often has the ability to adjust the length, so you can choose the length to your preferences.
  • The bracelets have a practical adjustment, thanks to which they fit narrower and wider wrists.
  • Candles with themed jewelry, such as Harry Potter candles or candles with jewelry for the Zodiac Signs, are very popular.

Jewelry candles as a gift

Sometimes we don't know what to buy for a person who seems to have everything. Or when we want to thank someone. In this situation, candles with jewelry will be perfect as a gift idea!

Let's not forget about special days, such as Mother's Day or Teacher's Day. Every mother or teacher will be happy with such a unique gift - a surprise. The moment of waiting for the jewelry box to emerge from the melted soy wax is one of the most pleasant in the whole process. Excitement reaches its zenith when you discover your jewelry and put it on with joy.

An additional advantage of jewelry candles is, of course, their beautiful fragrance that will improve the mood at any occasion. Seasonal scents, such as candles typically for autumn or Christmas, are also the perfect solution for anyone looking for a Christmas gift.

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