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Best candle accessories for you

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Scented candles delight us with their beautiful scents thanks to which we can relax in our homes by the warm light of burning wicks. Their richly decorated labels, colored glasses or wooden lids make them perfect decorations that can enrich the interior design. Every true lover of scented candles should have their own candle accessories that will make their use even more pleasant. Candle accessories are products that can both help us use scented candles by preventing the "smoke" effect, helping to effectively extinguish the wick or supporting even burning of wax. However, the use of candle accessories does not have to be only practical. They are also stylish accessories in the form of beautifully decorated candle shades and trays. But it is not everything! Probably each of us has a candle lover in our circle of friends. If you are looking for an original gift for such a person, our accessory kits in elegant boxes will be a great gift idea.

What candle accessories are worth buying?

  • Wick trimmer - Candle trimmers are extremely helpful products that work great with candles with a cotton wick. Trimmers are used to cut the wicks when their length starts to cause too intense flame, and as a result the candle starts to "smoke". Trimming the wick results in stabilizing the flame, which the smaller the slower the burning of the candle.
  • Wick puller - This is a useful tool used to pull out the wick after it has been trimmed. It works great with candles in large jars, where removing the wick can be very troublesome after melting a large amount of wax. The wick puller also functions as a candle snuffler. If you are irritated by the unpleasant smell of smoke floating in the room after snuffing the candle, this item comes to your aid! With the snuffler you will extinguish the candle wick without smoke and unpleasant smell.
  • Candle shade and tray - Both shades and trays are products whose appearance makes the scented candles look like a luxurious decoration. The trays and shades beautifully distract the light of burning candle wicks, creating an extremely cozy, homely atmosphere. The burning caps are most often made of metal and present various designs such as decorative inscriptions, flowers, ornaments and animal motifs. Candle shades can be made of ceramics, among others. They are characterized by beautiful decorations such as mosaic in many color variants or openwork patterns. In addition to decorative values, these candle accessories also support even burning of the candle and protect the wick from air gusts, e.g. draft.
  • Accessory kits - Are a great gift idea for every candle fan. Trimmers, wick pullers, candle shades, burning caps and trays packed in elegant boxes are products that will undoubtedly be useful to anyone who has scented candles in their home.
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