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Face creams, Facial creams

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Facial care creams that will improve the appearance of your skin. Choose the right cream for you.

Face creams as an essential element of care

From the very beginning of the first human civilizations, appearance and how it can be improved is undoubtedly an important issue. We all want our face to be beautiful, shiny, firm and wrinkle-free. Nowadays, various face creams help us with this. The nutrients contained in them are to restore our skin's vitality, radiance and healthy appearance so that it looks attractive both to us and others.

The most popular types of face creams:

  • Anti-wrinkle cream
  • Moisturizing cream
  • Firming cream
  • Night cream
  • Day cream
  • Cream for skin with imperfections
  • Cream dedicated to a given age group

Anti-wrinkle creams

The face is undoubtedly the part of our body that we pay the most attention to. After all, it's what we use to express our emotions. We smile when we're happy, we grimace when we cry, and we frown when we're angry. All this leaves traces on our facial skin and after some time we start to notice the first wrinkles. In addition, the formation of wrinkles is greatly influenced by exposure to sunlight during which the lack of protection of the skin against the harmful effects of UV rays can have negative effects. Of course, age also plays a key role in the formation of wrinkles, but with proper care, wrinkles can start to appear much later.

It is worth reaching for an anti-wrinkle cream when our skin starts to notice the first signs of aging. The ingredients contained in this type of creams are to help delay the process of wrinkle formation, smooth the skin texture and restore its elasticity. When choosing an anti-wrinkle cream, it is worth paying special attention to whether it contains ingredients known to delay aging. The cream containing sea buckthorn oil, hyaluronic acid, elastin and collagen should help us to alleviate the aging process.

Moisturizing creams

The basic element of any care should be proper hydration of the skin. Dry, dull skin does not look good and takes away our healthy appearance. Unfortunately, in the case of dry skin, make-up also becomes a problematic issue because the foundation will not look good, but only emphasize dry places. People with dry and very dry skin should in particular take care of comprehensive skin care based on a carefully selected moisturizing cream. Creams containing argan oil, hyaluronic acid, aloe or olive extract, i.e. ingredients that support the moisturizing effect of creams, should be on the shelf of every owner of dry skin.

Firming creams

Another common facial skin problem is the loss of skin firmness. A significant influence on this is an inadequate diet, which results in an inadequate supply of the skin with the necessary nutrients, and of course also age. Often, the loss of firmness is also affected by the exposure of the skin to harmful external factors such as air pollution or extreme weather conditions. To restore the skin's firmness and elasticity, it is worth buying a firming cream containing vitamins A, B, E and collagen, which is the basic building block of the skin.

Night creams

Night face cream is a cosmetic whose task is to comprehensively regenerate the skin during sleep. The night cream usually has a thicker and more greasy formula so that it absorbs into the deeper layers of the skin during a few hours of sleep so that it is nourished and moisturized in the morning. When choosing a night cream, it is worth paying attention to whether the cosmetic contains moisturizing substances such as hyaluronic acid, collagen and plant extracts such as evening primrose oil or calendula extract.

Day cream

Every day is a challenge for our facial skin. We usually cover it with a layer of makeup and then expose it to the harmful effects of sunlight, difficult weather conditions and air pollution. Therefore, in the morning face care, the day cream should be the key. Its action in the first place should be an energy injection for the skin, which will help soothe any swelling that occurs after a night's sleep. The formula should be light, yet highly nutritious, rich in plant-derived ingredients such as fruit extracts or vitamins A, C and E. It is worth paying attention to whether the cream we choose contains SPF filters that will protect our skin against UV rays. A well-chosen day cream can also be a great base for makeup, which we are often informed by the manufacturer.

Cream for acne skin

Many people struggle with skin prone to blemishes, imperfections and acne. Choosing the right cream for this type of skin can be extremely problematic. A cream for skin with imperfections should primarily have antibacterial and anti-seborrhoeic properties, thanks to which it will prevent the formation of new pimples and blackheads. Ingredients often used in creams for acne skin include zinc, retinol, and AHA and BHA acids.

Creams dedicated to a given age group

Once you determine your skin type, it is important to choose the cream according to your age group. Many manufacturers select active ingredients and product formulas specifically for specific age groups of users. Creams for mature skin are usually oilier and last longer on the skin. They also contain deeply moisturizing and anti-aging ingredients. Cream formulas for people from the younger age range used in older people may not sufficiently nourish the skin of the face, negatively affecting its condition. It is also inadvisable to use creams for mature skin by younger people because it can result, especially in the case of oily skin, in clogging of pores and the formation of pimples.

Creams with minerals from the bottom of the Dead Sea

For some time on the market, we can observe a significant increase in the popularity of cosmetics enriched with minerals obtained from the Dead Sea. It is famous not only for its high salinity, but is also known in the cosmetics industry for its rich complex of nutritional minerals contained in the mud at its bottom. The Israeli company Health&Beauty undoubtedly has many years of experience in obtaining these valuable nutrients and using them in the formula of its cosmetics. The use of products whose composition has been enriched with minerals obtained from the bottom of the Dead Sea can improve the condition of the skin by deeply nourishing and regenerating it.

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