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Find the perfect scented candle for you by type. There are many types of scented candles. We can choose from classic candles in transparent or colored glass, as well as from the increasingly popular candles in metal boxes or decorative ceramic dishes.

Scented candles are not only candles in glass jars, but also popular in the USA votive candles or beautifully scented tealights. Some brands also offer scented block candles, e.g. in the form of fashionable pillars.

The wax soaked in aromatic oils in scented candles from renowned manufacturers will provide us with the most beautiful memories associated with the aromatherapy effect.

A wide range of scented candles

In the offer of our online store Candle World you will find all types of scented candles you need. No matter if you are looking for a candle in a glass jar or a metal can, we have every type of scented candle for you.

Candles can be poured in both glass and ceramics. There are also scented scented sands or scented tealights of various shapes and scents. A unique type of candles offered by Candle World are those used for full body massage.

Such a wide selection of scented candle shapes, fashionable colors and sublime aromas is a great opportunity for every candle lover.

Large and small scented candles - types of aromatic candles

Depending on your needs, we have prepared in our offer not only various scents and colors of scented candles, but also sizes tailored to you. These smaller candles are perfect for the bedroom, and the large scented candles for the living room.