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Wax melts, wax burners, wax sands

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Discover natural scented wax melts. We offer soy scented wax melts, wax melts with essential oils perfect for aromatherapy, as well as scented wax sands and patented Scent Bursts papers. An interesting solution for all those who cannot or do not want to use traditional scented candles are scented wax melts. This is a new way to ensure a pleasant fragrance in our apartment. Scented wax melts are created based on different types of waxes and fragrances.

Which scented wax melts to choose?

You will find scented wax melts in practical, resealable packaging for easy dosing. Wax melts offered at Candle World have extended aroma release time. You will also find scented wax melts made of natural plant waxes, for example soy wax. Fragrance wax with essential oils, e.g. with lavender or orange oil, are an interesting alternative to traditional aromatherapy based on the use of oils with water.

Types of wax burners

In our Candle World online store, we offer various types of scented waxes with the most interesting scents. We use aromatherapy waxes in dedicated scented wax burners. These can be traditional (for a tealight) or electric.