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Candle-lite scented candles

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Discover natural scented candles and intense waxes from the American candle manufacturer Candle-lite Company. The Candle-lite brand has almost 200 years of tradition in creating the highest quality candles. The origins of the brand date back to 1840, when Thomas J. Emery started selling candles and oil lamps in Cincinnati, Ohio (USA). Since then, the brand has been constantly developing and creating the highest quality fragrance products.

The Candle-lite brand offers many unique collections made of natural plant waxes. The brand has been supporting the idea of sustainable development for years, hence the collection of natural candles with pure essential oils. Classic, elegant and simple glass packaging fits into any interior.

Candle-lite Company - lighting up American hearts and homes since 1840

The Candle-lite brand has almost 200 years of tradition in creating candles - now available at Candle World. Scented candles made of natural waxes with the addition of essential oil and intriguing soy candles are indicators of high quality, as well as clean, even candle burning and an elegant, intense scent, which you can experience by choosing Candle-lite Company scented candles from the USA.

The Candle-lite Company brand is the highest quality combined with a unique history dating back to 1840. Candle-lite is the largest candle manufacturer in the USA and at the same time one of the oldest in the world. Candle-lite candles light up the hearts and homes of Americans so often that the brand is the number one natural candle brand in the US. The best-selling natural candles in the US are the Essential Elements collection. Long-lasting, intense scents and exceptional quality wax ensure the best olfactory and visual experiences. You can choose from collections with natural cotton and wooden wicks.

Discover the Candle-lite scented candle collections

The Everyday collection includes candles and scented waxes for every day. Three candle sizes fit any interior.

Candles for every day

The Everyday collection includes fragrances for every season - perfect every day. The collection includes scented candles in three sizes: candles in large jars, medium candles with three wicks and small scented candles in glass. The collection is also complemented by intensely scented waxes. In addition to a wide range of year-round fragrances, the Everyday collection also includes unique seasonal scents, including autumn and Christmas ones.

Your scent, your style, your space

CLCo Candles are candles with natural cotton wicks, unique, exclusive scents in elegant packaging. The CLCo collection also includes candles with wooden, sizzling wicks, luxurious packaging and sensual premium fragrances. Candles available in three sizes: large candles in glass, medium candles in a decorative box with two wicks and large candles in glass with a wooden wick. Elegant, refined and multi-level fragrances.

Natural soy wax and essential oils for aromatherapy

The Essential Elements collection includes natural candles, waxes and interior fragrances with soy wax and the addition of essential oil - perfect for aromatherapy. Unique interior fragrances from the Essential Elements collection are a great addition to the natural aromatherapy collection. The Essential Elements collection is the best-selling natural candles in the USA. This collection includes not only natural soy wax, but also pure essential oils - perfect for aromatherapy. Essential Elements offers not only natural candles in two sizes, but also intense aromatherapy scented waxes. The collection also includes interior scent sticks and scented papers made of natural recycled paper - an excellent alternative to traditional scented waxes.

Soy wax and classic design

The Willow Lane series are soy scented candles in large glasses. This collection includes best-selling fragrances loved by Americans. The Willow Lane collection includes soy scented candles. The collection includes Americans' favorite fragrances. The collection includes scented candles in large glass jars. Fragrances bring to mind the most beautiful moments at any time of the year. Traditional labels refer to the best American traditions.

Classic style and elegant scent of candles

The Royale Classics collection is classic, simple glass and candles in three sizes that will take everyone on a fragrant journey to the land of scents. The Royale Classics collection includes classic scented candles in simple glass jars with gold lids. The collection includes scented candles in three sizes. Scents take you to your favorite places and allow you to remember your best memories and create new ones. Simple glass makes the candles from this collection perfect for lanterns and lanterns, as well as for special occasion wreaths.

More possibilities and more fragrant pleasure

The perfect choice for those who like to change their scent often are 3-Layer candles.

Candles with three scents in one that are released as they burn. If you have a hard time deciding on one particular scent - this proposition is a perfect solution. The 3-Layer collection consists of three fragrances arranged in layers - after burning one fragrance, we start to smell the next one. When the scents pass, another unique scent is created. All fragrances are perfectly selected, so they create an exceptionally aromatic sensory experience. The candles are available in large glass jars.

American classic

The Revere House collection includes candles in classic, large jars. The intense scent and large label create a unique shopping experience. Revere House scented candles are a reference to the American tradition. Classic grain, rustic wax and a clear label make this collection a favorite among people with more traditional interiors. The candles are available in large glass jars with glass lids.

The offer of the premium Candle-lite Company brand also includes useful accessories that not only make everyday use of candles easier, but also increase sales.

The offer includes aromatherapy lamps, wick trimmers, and wick extractors (also in sets). Customers also have candle covers and metal igniters at their disposal.

Traditional or modern?

Scented waxes can be used both in traditional candle-type scented wax burners or in modern, electric scented wax burners.

Electric wax burners are a perfect solution wherever open fire cannot be used. They are also great if you have small children or animals at home.

Electric scented wax burners are also great for Scent Bursts scented papers.

Each season has its own charm

As we know, we have different needs at every time of the year. The same is true for scented candles and interior fragrances. Therefore, depending on the season, it is good to buy seasonal fragrances dedicated to that time. The Candle-lite brand offers such limited editions for every season.

In spring, we eagerly look for floral and cotton scents, associated with a clean, tidy house. Summer is the time for fruity and fresh, sea and water notes. In autumn, we reach for the scents of apple, pear and pumpkin, as well as woody and cashmere notes. In winter, Christmas scents, forest notes and warm and cozy compositions reign supreme.

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