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Gifts for every occasion!

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There are many occasions to celebrate throughout the year. Starting from the New Year celebrations, through crazy carnival games and Valentine's Day - a celebration of love, to the first day of spring and the upcoming Easter. Then we have Labor Day and Constitution Day on May 3, soon after Mother's Day, Children's Day and Father's Day. Holidays are beginning - time to rest and recharge the batteries. Back to school - we celebrate Boys' Day and Teacher's Day again. In the fall, we count down the days until winter when Christmas arrives.

Different occasions, your fragrances

If you are looking for fragrances for special occasions, from Valentine's Day, engagement or wedding, through Women's Day, Boyfriend's Day or Christmas, you will find everything here! Scented candles, fireplace waxes, interior fragrances and more!

A gift for every occasion and for everyone

Every occasion is good to create a unique atmosphere in your own home. Choose unique, seasonal scented and traditional candles that will create an amazing, festive mood. If you are looking for an idea for a gift - also take a look at our Occasions section. Have fun celebrating all year long!