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Unscented candles

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The first candles were created several hundred years BC. Initially, they were used in temples and during important ceremonies. Candles were often given as gifts. The oldest candles in the world are over 1300 years old! Classic candles used for millennia were unscented candles. They can take many forms and be made of various waxes. Unscented candles are perfect for places where you don't want or can't add fragrance for any reason. It is worth lighting one scented candle and adding unscented candles as a decorative items to provide soothing, flickering light. These candles come in the form of classic traditional candles (round candles, pillar candles, square candles, rectangular candles, etc.) or they are tealights, maxi tealights or candles in glass. Unscented candles are a great way to introduce a unique atmosphere to your living room or bedroom. Unscented candles are also perfect for lanterns, candle holders and trays.

In our Candle World online store you will find unscented candles in various forms and colors. Colorful candlesticks and balls, rustic candles with a rustic structure in full color palette or decorated candles and unscented tealights - all this is waiting for you today. An amazing gift idea are handmade unscented candles created by the best artists from all over the world. Our largest online store in Poland ships worldwide.