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Incense sticks

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Incense sticks are a well-known and valued formula for providing fragrance in the world. Incense was already known in ancient times and was used during religious rituals, meditation, medicine, cosmetics and cooking. Incense sticks release their fragrance during the burning process. You can choose from a variety of fragrances handcrafted in India. Incense sticks can come in many different forms, and you need the right holder to use them. The most popular are long incense sticks in the form of thin sticks and conical incense sticks in the form of cones.

Incense sticks - unique home fragrances

Hand-rolled incense sticks in India are naturally an element commonly used during relaxation, mindfulness training, yoga and pilates. If you want to fully feel the scent of incense, buy good quality ones from the Far East.

Various incense scents to choose from

You can choose from different types of incense scents, from fresher, through floral, fruity, light and strong, oriental and strong, deep and woody. It is best to use special incense holders for incense sticks. The most popular incense stick holders are oblong wooden plates with a hole in which the incense is placed. An alternative may be handmade soapstone coasters.

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