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Incense sticks and accessories

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Incense sticks are a world-renowned and valued formula for providing fragrance in the interior. Incense was already known in antiquity and used both during religious rituals, meditation as well as in medicine, cosmetics and cooking. Incense releases a fragrance during the burning process. You can choose from a variety of handcrafted fragrances in India. Incense can come in many forms, and you need a proper stand to use it. The most popular are long incense in the form of thin sticks and conical incense in the form of cones.

Incense - unique home fragrances

Hand-rolled incense in India is a natural element commonly used during relaxation, mindfulness training, yoga and pilates. If you want to feel the smell of incense to the full, buy good quality ones from the Far East.

Various incense scents to choose from

You can choose from different types of incense scents, from fresher, through floral, fruity, light and strong, oriental and strong, deep and woody. For incense, it is best to use special incense stands. The most popular incense holders are oblong, wooden plates with a hole in which we place the incense. An alternative can be handmade soap stone coasters.

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