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Face masks

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There is nothing more pleasant than a relaxing evening in a home SPA - face mask, favorite candle and you are in heaven!

When it comes to face masks, they perform many functions - depending on the selection of ingredients from which they were created. Some masks are moisturizing. others exfoliating or regenerating.

Why is it worth using a face mask?

This product complements the care of our face.

How often to use masks? It depends on the needs of our skin, e.g. if we have dry skin, then we should often use moisturizing products.

In the case of using masks, e.g. exfoliating, they should be used less frequently (about twice a week, depending on the manufacturer's recommendations). You have to be careful as when using peelings so as not to disturb the natural work of cells.

Types of face masks

Types of masks according to the degree of drying:

  • soft - these are masks that do not dry out. They can be absorbed into the skin or should be washed off with water.
  • hard – these are products that congeal on the face and have to be torn off.

Face masks can also be divided by consistency:

  • foam
  • gel
  • emulsion
  • powdery
  • in a sheet
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