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Scentsicles - Christmas tree fragrance

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Christmas is a time that fills our homes with magic, warmth and joy. Nothing reflects the holiday spirit better than the smell of a fresh Christmas tree. However, we do not always have the opportunity to put a real Christmas tree into our home that will surround us with the natural aroma of the forest. Fortunately, there is a perfect solution - Christmas tree scents.

Scented Christmas tree scents

Scented sticks and other scented accessories from Scentsicles allow you to enjoy the authentic scent of a Christmas tree throughout the holiday season. In this category you will find a wide selection of Christmas tree scents that will add magic and charm to your interior.

Why is it worth using Christmas tree scents?

Authentic scent

Christmas tree scents are designed to reflect the natural aroma of a living tree as closely as possible. Thanks to them, even an artificial Christmas tree can smell like freshly cut pine, spruce or fir. These fragrances are usually based on natural essential oils that provide a realistic and long-lasting effect.


Unlike natural Christmas trees, which may lose their scent after just a few days, Christmas tree scents offer long-lasting aroma release. Thanks to this, the Christmas scent lasts throughout the holiday season, from the beginning of December until the New Year.

Safety and ecology

Christmas tree scents are safe for children and pets. Made of biodegradable materials, they are environmentally friendly and do not emit harmful substances. Additionally, they do not require heating or the use of fire, which minimizes the risk of fire.

Ease of use

Christmas tree scented products are extremely easy to use. Just hang scented sticks on Christmas tree branches, place the granules in decorative containers or spray the tree with a scented spray. You don't need any additional accessories or special skills to enjoy their aroma.

Types of Christmas tree scents

Scented sticks

Scent sticks are the most popular form of Christmas tree scents. Made of materials soaked in essential oils, they are available in various scents and colors that can be matched to the style and decor of the Christmas tree. Each stick releases its fragrance for several weeks, ensuring a long-lasting effect.

Scented granules (Potpourri)

Fragrance granules are small pieces of material soaked in fragrance oils. It can be placed in decorative bowls, bags or scattered in wardrobes and drawers to enjoy its aroma. Scented granules are a perfect addition to Christmas decorations and centerpieces.

Fragrance spray

Scented spray is a quick and easy way to freshen up the scent of your Christmas tree. Just a few sprays are enough to introduce a pleasant, festive aroma to your home. The scented spray can also be used to freshen other rooms, fabrics or even your car.

The most popular Christmas tree scents

The Apples & Autumn scent is a combination of juicy apples and spices that envelop your home with a warm, cozy aroma. Perfect for introducing the autumn mood just before the holidays.

Candy Cane Forest is the magical scent of a forest full of candy canes. Fresh peppermint combined with sweetness creates a refreshing and warm aroma.

Pumpkin & Cider introduces the warm, cozy scent of pumpkin pie and apple cider. Perfect for cold winter evenings.

Snowberry Pine is a fresh, winter scent of pine and juniper fruit that brings to mind snowy forests. Perfect for lovers of natural, forest aromas.

Spiced Pine Cones are the essence of a winter forest with a hint of spices. Pine, cloves and cinnamon create a composition that is both fresh and warm.

White Winter Fir is a fresh, winter scent of white fir that brings the atmosphere of a Christmas forest to your home. Perfect for lovers of classic, forest aromas.

O Christmas Tree is a traditional Christmas tree scent that will take you back to your childhood. Pine, spruce and fir create a composition that is an inseparable element of the holidays.

Two Dashes Of Cinnamon is a classic Christmas fragrance. The intensity of cinnamon combined with a delicate hint of sugar creates a warm and cozy atmosphere.

How to use Christmas tree fragrances?

  • Fragrance sticks: Hang them evenly on the branches of the Christmas tree to spread the scent evenly. You can also place them in other places, such as centerpieces or garlands.
  • Fragrance granules: Place in decorative bowls, bags or scatter in wardrobes to enjoy its aroma. Perfect as an addition to Christmas decorations.
  • Fragrance spray: Spray the Christmas tree, fabrics or other surfaces to quickly and easily introduce the Christmas scent into the interior. Also use in the car or office to enjoy the aroma in various places.

Christmas tree scents from Scentsicles are the perfect solution to introduce a magical, festive aroma to your home. Thanks to a wide range of fragrances, everyone will find something for themselves. Whether you prefer fresh, woodsy aromas, warm spicy notes or sweet scents, Scentsicles products will make your holidays even more magical. Choose your favorite Christmas tree scents and enjoy the unique Christmas atmosphere throughout the season.

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