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Best scented candles for Christmas

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Christmas is a special time of the year that we all look forward to. Memories of Christmas Eve spent at the family home, among aromatic gingerbread, delicious poppy seed cake or Christmas Eve dishes. The smell of a Christmas tree and twinkling lights bring back the best memories. That is why we are so eager to reach for Christmas candles every year, including Christmas scented candles.

What are the most popular Christmas scented candles?

One of the most popular candles that we choose for Christmas are those with the scent of Christmas. There are candles that smell like fir, pine or spruce. Scented candles that smell like Christmas pastries - like gingerbread cookies or aromatic cakes - are very popular. Candles with the scent of mulled wine or a mixture of berries with forest notes are equally popular. Very often we choose candles in large jars or versions with several wicks for the holidays. It's great to choose Christmas limited edition scented candles that are not available at other times of the year.

Christmas decorations with candles

Equally popular during the pre-Christmas madness are traditional decorative candles, which are usually unscented, but can also be scented. You can find such candles in our online candle store Candle World and in stationary salons. You can choose from traditional pillar-shaped candles in festive colors. Gold and silver candles are especially sought after at this time. In November and early December we are also looking for Advent candles. We often choose them in color sets. Candles are also willingly placed in Christmas wreaths, lanterns or Christmas wreaths.