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Block solid pillar ball scented candles

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Classic candles in the form of geometric shapes have been known for centuries. Candles in the shape of pillars, cubes, balls are simple and timeless designs that match any interior. However, we often expect something more from such a simple candle - apart from the nice color and universal dimension, we want the lump candle to also smell. As much as possible - we offer scented candles, which are also scented.

Each scented pillar candle is a simple shape, an interesting color and a specially selected fragrance. Modern pillar and solid candles are made of special waxes, thanks to which they burn out if used in accordance with the instructions. In our Candle World store you will find scented candles (also called candlesticks) and other scented candles in various shapes. Decorate your home with our scented candles and enjoy the unique atmosphere every day. These candles are also perfect for fashionable lanterns and lanterns.