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Scented tealight candles

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The best soy scented tealights and traditional colored tealights. The flame of a candle once lit up the darkness. Today, in addition to warm, soothing light, a candle is also a pleasant smell that gives us happiness. It is no different in the case of small tealight candles, also known as tealights. These candles have many practical uses - scented tealights are the perfect way to add warmth and coziness to your interior.

Why is it worth buying soy scented tealights?

Thanks to scented tealights, you can easily create a composition of candles in candlesticks of various sizes and shapes. These tealights are also perfect for making an illuminated inscription during a romantic evening for two. Scented tealights will also work wonderfully in smaller rooms or when we do not need the intense scent that a large scented candle gives. Standardizing the dimensions of scented tealights definitely makes shopping easier for us - ordinary tealights are usually about 39 mm in diameter, and maxi scented tealights - also called maxilights - about 59 mm.

How long do scented tealight candles burn?

It all depends on the manufacturer and the wax used in production process. As a standard, it is assumed that an ordinary scented tealight candle burns for about 4 hours. In our Candle World store you will find scented tealights and maxi scented tealights with different burning times and made of various types of wax - including soy wax, vegan wax or beeswax.

How are scented tealights packed?

They are packed in practical boxes, so you can easily store the tealights when you're not using them.

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