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Scented tealight candles

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A candle flame once lit up the darkness. Today, in addition to the warm, soothing light, the candle is also a pleasant fragrance that gives us happiness. It is no different in the case of small tealights. These candles have many practical applications - scented tealights are the perfect way to add warmth and coziness to your interior. Thanks to the scented tealights you can easily create a composition of candles in candle holders of various sizes and shapes. These tiny candles are also great for making a mood for a romantic evening. Scented tealights will also fit great in smaller rooms or when you don't need the intense scent of a large scented candle. Tealights are usually around 39 mm in diameter, while maxi fragrance tealights - also called maxilights - about 59 mm.

How long do scented tealights last? It all depends on the manufacturer and the wax used. It is standard to assume that an ordinary scented tealight burns for about 4 hours. In our Candle World store you will find scented tealights and maxi scented tealights with different burning times and made of various types of vegetable (soy mainly) and mineral waxes. They are packed in practical boxes, so you can easily store tealights when you are not using them.