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Unscented tealights for everyday use

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Classic unscented tealights are obligatory candles in every home. Tealights will also serve you as an additional source of light in the event of a power failure. Once upon a time, in every house we could find the so-called household candles, i.e. pillar candles that were used in the event of a power failure. Today, this function has definitely been taken over by unscented tealights.

Tealights have become well established in our apartments thanks to their universal form and huge arrangement possibilities. Tealight candles are often used in tea brewing sets or food warmers. They are very handy when using fondue sets.

Unique fragrance-free tealights

Every fan of scented wax melts knows how important good quality unscented tealights for an aromatherapy burner are. When buying tealight used to heat wax or fragrance oil, we pay special attention to their quality. They should burn for a specific number of hours to help extract the full aroma from the scented wax. We can choose from paraffin and vegetable wax candles, including the popular soy tealights. There are also tealights on the market called nightlights with an extended burning time of up to ~ 8 hours.

If we use tealights for decoration, we will appreciate their versatility. Such tealights will create a great mood when placed in any candle holder, we can also create an interesting arrangement of tealights using mason jars.

What size are tealight candles?

The standard diameter of tealight candles is 39 mm.

For those of us who need larger candles, we have maxilights, approximately 59 mm in diameter.

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