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Tapered dinner candles for table settings

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What do we associate a romantic dinner with? Of course with candles! We imagine a small table in an intimate environment, with a beautiful cover and the flickering glow of candles in tall candlesticks. Spitz candles and table candles will also be great as a table decoration during holidays, such as Christmas or Easter. Spitz candles are also a wonderful decoration for family celebrations.

In our Candle World online store you will find candles pointed in many colors, lengths and finishes, from matte, through varnished, rustic, and even glitter and decorated. The complement is torpedo and table candles, which are shorter than the spitz candles and have a simple shape. Spitz candles and table candles have different diameters, so they can easily be fitted to any candle holder. If you have trouble finding the perfect candle for the candle holder, the wax we offer for fixing the candles will help.