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New scented candles for spring and summer 2023 by Woodbridge Candle

New scented candles for spring and summer 2023 by Woodbridge Candle

We presented the classic collection of Signature candles to you last year and to this day it is extremely popular among lovers of original fragrances. All Woodbridge Signature Candles feature three cotton wicks that not only provide a cozy and soft glow, but also ensure optimal burn.

The new edition of the Signature collection for spring and summer 2023 includes as many as ten completely new fragrances. Each fragrance is perfect for the warmer months. There were also beautiful floral notes for fans of candles that smell like a flowery meadow. The collection also includes summer fragrances, typically marine, aquatic and fresh. Spring and summer are, of course, also candles with scents of cotton, linen or fresh laundry.

Each new Woodbridge candle has a label around the candle making it the perfect decorative addition to your coffee table. The silver, minimalist lid with a satin finish protects the candles from dust when you are not using them. However, we're sure you won't be able to resist these sensual, cozy scents and you'll be back for your next Signature candle in no time!

Candle for spring White Tea & Herbs

Scented candle White Tea & Herbs

The White Tea Herbs spring scented candle with three wicks is an elegant combination of white tea and herbs. A large candle in glass has a beautifully decorated label depicting a silver, oriental pattern.

The fragrance of White Tea Herbs impresses with its elegance. The combination of bergamot with lemon and a bit of nutmeg creates a unique fragrance experience. Subtle notes of white tea and violet leaves blend perfectly with sensual musk.

Scented candle Bluebells in the Valley

The delicate scented candle with three wicks Bluebells in the Valley is inspired by the beauty of a spring blooming meadow. It is a candle with a beautifully decorated label depicting a motif of delicate blue flowers.

The fragrance of Bluebells in the Valley evokes a picturesque meadow full of beautiful flowers. The spring composition subtly combines delicate jasmine, sensual rose and wild flowers in an extremely aromatic bouquet. The earthy note of moss further enhances the nature-inspired scent, giving it an incredibly natural feel.

Spring candle Bluebells in the Valley
Fruity candle for the summer Citrus Twist

Scented candle Citrus Twist

Fruit scented candle with three wicks Citrus Twist is an ideal proposition for lovers of refreshing summer fragrances. A cheerful label with a colorful citrus motif improves the mood.

The scent of Citrus Twist is the true essence of hot summer! Fresh juice squeezed from ripe oranges with lemon and grapefruit is a composition full of positive energy that will completely change the atmosphere in your home. A note of jasmine enriches the fragrance with floral tones, and a touch of sweet vanilla subtly balances intense citrus.

Scented candle Eucalyptus Fresh Mint

The minimalist scented candle with three wicks Eucalyptus Fresh Mint, thanks to its soothing scent, will be a pleasant addition that will make a relaxing moment of meditation or a home yoga session even more pleasant. The label depicting the motif of green eucalyptus leaves is in line with the current trends in interior design.

The fragrance of the Eucalyptus Fresh Mint candle is a relaxing combination of fresh peppermint and eucalyptus. The soothing duo is enriched with woody accents of pine and sandalwood, making the time spent with this amazing fragrance an extremely relaxing experience that will be remembered for a long time...

Meditation candle Eucalyptus Fresh Mint
Neroli & Blood Orange candle with a citrus scent

Scented candle Neroli & Blood Orange

Joyful scented candle with three wicks Neroli Blood Orange is a unique combination of orange notes with a floral bouquet. This original glass candle has a beautifully decorated label depicting a motif of delicate pink orchids.

The scent of the Neroli Blood Orange candle will take you to picturesque Sicily, where the scent of red oranges floating in the air is a real delight for the senses. Sweet oranges blend perfectly with a deep, expressive note of neroli and sensual accents of rose and jasmine, providing an amazing fragrance experience.

Scented candle Orchids White Oak

The Orchids White Oak scented candle is an original combination of oak moss with a floral bouquet. A large candle in glass has a beautifully decorated label depicting a motif of blooming flower branches.

Orchids White Oak fragrance is a combination of floral sensuality with a distinct note of oak moss. The seductive sweetness of freesia perfectly combines with a subtle accent of orchid and a sensual accord of jasmine. The richness of floral notes is complemented by the earthy note of oakmoss, creating a scent inspired by nature.

Orchids White Oak Candle
Candle for men Verbena & Patchouli

Scented candle Verbena & Patchouli

The expressive Verbena Patchouli scented candle is a distinctive combination of patchouli and verbena. This candle has a beautifully decorated label depicting a motif of exotic vines on a gray background.

The scent of a candle in glass Verbena Patchouli will fill your interior with floral freshness. The citrus-herbal duet of verbena and lavender fits perfectly with the earthy note of patchouli and the sensual accent of jasmine flower, providing a unique fragrance experience.

Scented candle White Linen Sea Salt

The White Linen Sea Salt summer candle is a fresh combination of cotton and sea salt. The large candle in glass has a beautifully decorated label depicting a blue and white geometric arabesque pattern.

The scent of White Linen Sea Salt is like freshly laundered linen drying on a line in a beach house on a summer morning. The lightness of cotton and the freshness of the sea breeze combined with the warm note of sandalwood create a scent that is conducive to relaxation.

Marine scented candle for the summer White Linen Sea Salt
Scented candle Oolong Tea Peach

Scented candle White Peach Oolong

The White Peach Oolong three wick scented candle is a delicate combination of white peach and Oolong tea. The large glass candle has a beautifully decorated label depicting delicate, vintage-style purple flowers.

The sweet scent of the White Peach Oolong candle will make you feel like you are in your favorite teahouse surrounded by beautiful flowers. A sweet composition of white peaches with tart blackcurrant and soothing notes of tea and rose.

Scented candle Wild Fig Cedarwood

The elegant Wild Fig Cedarwood scented gift candle is a fresh combination of oak moss and wild fig. The wide candle in glass has a beautifully decorated label depicting a nature-inspired leaf motif.

The Wild Fig Cedarwood candle will allow you to get closer to nature. A fresh fragrance combining earthy notes of oak moss with the rich aroma of wild fig.

Scented candle Cedarwood and Fig
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