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Car scents, car fragrance

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Choose the type of car fragrance you want to wear - traditional air vent scents, scented pendants, or maybe modern scented cards. Many people take care of their car in the same way as they take care of their own home. We pay attention not only to keeping it tidy, but also to ensure that it does not surprise us with any failures that could be predicted.

Moreover, many people want to keep their car smelling fresh. This is made much easier by car fragrance, which today can be found in various forms, from special capsules to cards to hang next to the mirror. It is supposed to give the car interior freshness and a pleasant scent.

The perfect fragrance for your car

We realize how important it is to keep a pleasant smell in the car, conducive to both longer and shorter journeys. Candle World fragrances are available in many convenient forms, ranging from classic air scents to scent cards.

You can also easily find starter kits and capsules to complete them. Even the most demanding drivers and passengers will be satisfied with their choice.

Types of car fragrances

The world is changing, and with it not only cars and their drives (EV, i.e. electric cars are currently a trend), but also types of car fragrances. You can choose from many types of car fragrances depending on your needs:

  • Traditional scented pendants - are made of various materials, from polymers, through pressed paper, and even natural wood. They constantly release fragrance in the car.
  • Scented cards and scented sachets - usually used in wardrobes, they also have their place in the car. They release fragrance continuously.
  • Fragrance-soaked cubes - one of the new products on the market, the cubes can be placed anywhere in the car. They constantly release fragrance.
  • Fragrances installed in the air vent - they work while you are driving. If you have the air conditioning or air conditioning in your car on, the smell will be released. Once you turn it off it will stop.
  • Ultrasonic car aroma diffusers - aromatherapy in your car thanks to the use of cold diffusion. Most of these diffusers are designed to fit perfectly into the cup space. They require a power connection or operate on a battery.
  • Electric car fragrances - attached to the car socket, they release fragrance when the car is turned on.

As you can see, the choice of car fragrances is really wide. To choose the right device for yourself, it is a good idea to seek professional advice from our experts. When choosing a fragrance for your car, the time of year is also important. We smell odors more easily when it is warmer. In winter, we must take into account that until the car warms up inside, we may notice the smell less strongly.

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