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Colonial Candle scented candles and wax melts

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The American premium brand Colonial Candle has been producing scented candles in the USA for over 100 years.

Colonial Candle is the first candle company founded by a woman and is now one of the largest scented candle brands in the US. All Colonial Candle of Cape Cod collections of glass candles and fragrances are carefully crafted in North Carolina, USA.

Natural scented candles and aromatic Colonial Candle waxes from America

The Colonial Candle brand ensures that all raw materials for the production of aromatic candles are purchased in accordance with strict quality guidelines. Each candle is produced according to precise guidelines throughout the entire production process - from mixing the wax, through selecting the scent, to creating the finished candle that you light on your own table. Discover the world of Colonial Candle candles in our Candle World scented candle store and you will be amazed by the variety that awaits you!

The history of the Colonial Candle brand - the first candles produced by a woman!

The brand's history begins in 1905, when Mabel Baker, a former school teacher in Massachusetts, began making handmade wax candles in her tiny kitchen in Cape Cod. Mrs. Baker's candles became so popular with family and friends that Mabel began selling them at her husband's business.

Four years later, many stores in Cape Cod's hometown were selling Mrs. Baker's candles, and the Colonial Candle brand was officially born, and we enjoy its unique scents to this day.

Unique collections of Colonial Candle scented candles that have great reviews

The Colonial Candle brand includes very extensive fragrance collections that can make you dizzy!

Colonial Candle oval candles in a glass jar

The classic, very famous and popular Oval collection is available in two sizes: medium oval jars 8 oz (226 g) and large oval jars 22 oz (623 g). Colonial Candle Oval Jars are a true classic known to every scented candle lover! Characteristic oval glasses have been the hallmark of the Colonial Candle brand for many, many years! What can you expect from the Oval collection? Certainly, the candle burns well, has an intense scent and a long burning time. Medium scented Colonial Candle Oval candles burn for up to 60 hours, and large jar candles for up to 120 hours. Both medium and large candles from the classic Oval collection feature double cotton wicks - always lead-free. A huge selection of dozens of fragrances means that you will find everything for yourself in the Oval collection from Colonial Candle.

Colonial Candle tumbler scented soy candles and aromatic waxes from the Classic series

In the 21st century, the Colonial Candle brand offers not only beautifully scented scented candles, but also aromatic scented waxes. The most beautiful-smelling, classic scents of soy candles from the Classic collection are created for every day of your life. Here you will find large candles in glass weighing 538 g of the soy wax mixture, filled to the brim with fragrance. Two lead-free cotton wicks ensure strong fragrance diffusion. Candles in classic scents, from light mint eucalyptus, through notes of cedar, lavender or coconut, to expressive mahogany, apple with cinnamon or cranberry cosmo.

New collection of men's All American candles from Colonial Candle

If you are looking for men's fragrances, a great option is the new All American candle collection from the men's branch of Manly Indulgence. The collection includes classic American fragrances with a dominance of masculine notes. All candles from this collection have a beautiful vintage label that combines retro style with masculine severity. The collection includes typically masculine scents, from sandalwood, through leather and mahogany notes, to scents reminiscent of fresh tobacco. The All American collection by Manly Indulgence combines bold and classic men's fragrances to create a powerful experience. This collection of premium soy men's candles in frosted glasses combined with unique labels stands out from the rest just like you do.

Manly Indulgence Contemporary large soy candles from Colonial Candle

Are you looking for something impressive? The best collection will be the Contemporary collection from the Manly Indulgence men's series. All Colonial Candle scented candles from this series are poured in large, crystal clear glasses. They contain two wicks, which ensures optimal fragrance release while burning. Five masculine and expressive fragrances for every day of the week.

Colonial Candle soy candles with wooden wicks from the Signature series

Colonial Candle's wide range of aromatic scented candles includes the popular soy candles with a wooden wick. This is what all Signature men's candles in glass are like. The collection includes two sizes of candles. Elegant, masculine scents and classic glass colors will work well in any masculine interior. The wooden candle lid from this series gives elegance and sophistication and provides contact with the natural beauty of raw wood.

There's nothing like a classic, the Manly Indulgence Classic Colonial Candle for men

Black, frosted glass, a label made of natural paper in a classic style and masculine, strong and clean scents that will reflect your strength. This is the Manly Indulgence Classic candle collection for men, where you will find candles made of a mixture of soy wax with the best fragrances for the men's nose. Each candle contains a lead-free cotton wick and is topped with a black lid for even better effect. Strong scents and a long burning time make the natural candles from this collection a vegan portion of fragrance for men and others.

Colonial Candle M. Baker soy candles with essential oils in apothecary jars

A collection of soy candles in glass dedicated to the founder of the Colonial Candle brand, Mabel Baker. Candles available in beautiful, massive, glass pharmacy jars in two capacities - 14 oz or 396 g and 8 oz or 226 g. All candles are made of a mixture of natural soy wax and have the addition of essential oils, so they can be successfully used for classic aromatherapy.

A colorful collection of large candles in glass, Colonial Candle Pop Of Color

In the Pop of Color soy candles collection you will find a real riot of beautiful colors perfectly matched to the corresponding scents! Scented candles in colorful large glass containers are the perfect choice for you. Each candle contains three cotton wicks. The offer of these candles includes fresh scents for spring and summer, full of floral and fruity accords, but also autumn and Christmas candles in special, beloved aroma compositions.

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