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6 unusual uses of essential oils that are worth knowing

6 unusual uses of essential oils that are worth knowing

We usually use essential oils in classic aromatherapy using aromatherapy lamps or aroma burners. However, this is not the only use of essential oils! We invite you to learn about six unusual uses of aromatherapy oils that you can use in your home!

Aromatherapy with hot stones

This is one of the oldest and most original uses of essential oils. To enjoy a beautiful scent, mix the essential oil with water in appropriate proportions and pour it over the heated stones. Fragrant steam will quickly form on these hot stones, filling the room with the natural scent of essential oil.

Add your favorite oil to... laundry

Some washing machine manufacturers offer the option of enriching washing powder with a unique aroma. Just add a few drops of essential oil to the washing powder and after washing you will enjoy a beautiful aroma on your clothes.

Vacuuming will become fragrant!

Most of us don't like cleaning, but we can easily make some activities more enjoyable. If you soak a gauze pad with the selected aromatherapy oil and pull it into the vacuum cleaner at the beginning of vacuuming, you will additionally fill your interior with the beautiful scent of essential oils while taking care of your home.

A fragrant entrance to your house or car

You can ensure a beautiful scent right from the doorstep if you sprinkle your doormat with the essential oil of your choice. You can do the same with the carpet in your car. A few drops of essential oil added to potpourri will also refresh your home.

Natural cleaning products enriched with fragrance

If you use natural cleaning products at home, such as baking soda, you can add a few drops of your chosen essential oil to it.

Repelling insects and mice

By using peppermint oil, you can try to repel mice and spiders from your home.

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