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The history of the brand dates back to December 1920, when Hans Riegel founded the company HAns RIegel BOnn (HARIBO) and started producing sweets in a small kitchen, where there was nothing except a bag of sugar, a stovetop, a stool, a stove, a copper pot and... a rolling pin. cakes. A year later, his wife Gertrude joins the company as the first Haribo employee in history.

The history of the Haribo brand

Since its establishment, the Haribo brand has focused on dynamic development and innovation. The first milestone in the company's history is Dancing Bear - a fruity bear-shaped jelly, which over time will become the legendary Haribo Goldbear. Another product that steals the hearts of sweets lovers are licorice sticks.

Since its establishment, Haribo has been a German family company. The children of Hans and Gertrude joined the brand management in the 1940s. Before this happened, the company had grown to a significant size. In 1933, 400 workers were employed and the first Haribo factory was completed in the city of Bonn. At the same time, the iconic Haribo advertising slogan was created, which we still know today: Haribo macht Kinder froh.

World War II has a huge impact on the entire German economy, including the Haribo brand. After the war and the death of the brand's founder, sons Hans and Paul took over the management of the company. The company shrank to 30 employees. The history of the Haribo brand is a story of perseverance and passion for what you do. In 1950, the company already employs... 1,000 people!

The second half of the 20th century was a time of enormous development of the Haribo brand. The Golden Bears obtain a patent, and the brand first appears on television in 1962. In the 1970s, Haribo jellies gained a new look that we still know today. In the 1980s, MAOAM joined the Haribo brand. In 1989, a characteristic yellow teddy bear with a bow appeared on the packaging of Haribo products. You will also find this teddy bear on Haribo candle labels today.

The 1990s saw a dynamic development of sweets offered by Haribo, including the addition of marshmallows to the offer. In 2007, apple was added to Goldbears' flavors, and in 2009, new products with 25% fruit juice appeared. 2013 brings the construction of a new factory in Grafschaft. In 2020, the Haribo brand celebrated its 100th anniversary.

Haribo candles

The uniqueness of the brand was emphasized by expanding the offer to include Haribo scented candles. The sweet, fruity, expressive scents of Haribo candles bring to mind your favorite jelly beans. If you love Haribo sweets, you must try these candles!

Large Haribo scented candles

Classic Haribo scented candles in large jars are available in year-round scents and, of course, in the Christmas edition. If you can't decide on one scent, we have 2-in-1 candles for you, in which you will find two scents (one at the bottom of the candle, the other at the top).

Haribo gift candles

In addition to large candles, the offer also includes sets of Haribo candles in window boxes and smaller Haribo candles, which are a great idea for a fragrant, sweet gift. Haribo scented tealights have been prepared for those who want to feel the magic of Haribo anytime and anywhere.

Haribo Christmas candles

Christmas is a special time when we love to eat sweets. Make your home smell sweet with Haribo Christmas candles.

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