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Discover the best candles for Easter

Discover the best candles for Easter

Easter is one of the moveable feast , which means that each year we celebrate on a slightly different date. Sometimes Easter occur at the end of March, and sometimes in the second half of April. However, nature is always trying to prepare itself for the arrival of this holiday. Thanks to this, we always have the opportunity to decorate the house with branches of forsythia in the color of intense, sunny yellow or catkins, sometimes affectionately called "pussy willows". As every year, we can also decorate our apartments with something that is universal, timeless and gives a unique atmosphere. What is that? Of course, beautifully scented Easter candles. In this article we have for you the best candles for Easter, which can not be missing during a festive breakfast with loved ones.

Where to buy the best Easter candles?

As every year, we have a specially selected category of Easter candles for you, which you can find here.

Always choose candles from reliable sources and reputable manufacturers. It is not worth saving on quality, choose scented candles that not only contain intense fragrances, but are also efficient. This means that you will gain a lot by choosing a larger candle with a longer burning time.

Natural scented candle Hoppy Easter Candle-lite

Hoppy Easter natural candle Candle-lite

The Hoppy Easter candle will spread a beautiful fruity fragrance in your interior. A composition of juicy oranges and peaches with refreshing citruses and a sweet note of vanilla. Sweet, happy and jumpy!

The richly decorated label depicting Easter bunnies attracts attention and makes the candle impress not only with its beautiful scent, but also with its original appearance.

Bunny Kisses Easter candle from Candle-lite

The scent of the Bunny Kisses candle will wrap you in a floral bouquet. The seductive scent of rose combined with a subtle accent of jasmine and a sweet note of lilac perfectly reflects the scent of a warm spring afternoon spent in a flowery meadow.

This large candle in a glass jar beautifully diffuses the light of the burning wick, creating a cozy, homely atmosphere every day.

Large Easter candle Bunny Kisses Candle-lite
Soy scented candle Woodland Willow Colonial Candle

Soy scented candle Woodland Willow from Colonial Candle

Inspired by the delicate aroma of weeping willow, the fragrance composition is based on woody aromas that perfectly harmonize with the subtle notes of blooming jasmine and rose. Like a relaxing walk in the park. This candle will make you feel the aromas of nature.

Classic glass used in the Woodland Willow tumbler candle, silver lid and colored wax. Simplicity that subtly decorates interiors, giving them a homely character with the warm flames of burning wicks.

Soy candle with jewelry Charmed Aroma - Bunny Love

The Bunny Love candle is an irreplaceable fruit duo that never disappoints! Juicy strawberries and sweet raspberries with sugar fill the entire interior with their sweetness, while awakening the appetite for seasonal fruit.

Find a 925 sterling silver necklace decorated with cubic zirconia in this Charmed Aroma Bunny Love scented candle. Beautifully designed pendants with a bunny motif and rose gold accents perfectly harmonize with delicate zircons, delighting with their charm.

 Soy candle with jewelry Charmed Aroma - Bunny Love
Three wick candle Bluebells in the Valley Woodbridge

Bluebells in the Valley three-wick scented candle Woodbridge

The scent of the Bluebells in the Valley candle brings to mind a picturesque meadow full of beautiful flowers. The spring composition subtly combines delicate jasmine, sensual rose and wild flowers in an extremely aromatic bouquet. The earthy note of moss further enhances the nature-inspired scent, giving it an incredibly natural feel.

The Bluebells in the Valley three-wick scented candle is inspired by the beauty of a spring blooming meadow. This large candle in glass has a beautifully decorated label depicting a motif of delicate blue flowers.

Soy scented premium candle Fresh Cut Lilac

Fresh Cut Lilac Fragrance - Feel like taking a spring walk in the nearby park with this scented candle. Let your home be filled with the aroma of blooming lilac with a subtle addition of magnolia and notes of green vegetation.

Choose your favorite fragrance and enjoy the exceptionally long burning time!

Premium soy scented candle Purple River Fresh Cut Lilac
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