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New wooden wick scented candles from the Candle-lite CLCo Collection

New wooden wick scented candles from the Candle-lite CLCo Collection

The collection of best-selling CLCo wooden wick candles from Candle-lite has recently been expanded with four new fragrances. As befits all candles in this series - we are dealing with the highest quality intense fragrances. Multi-level, sophisticated compositions available in the CLCo collection will delight every connoisseur of good quality home fragrances.

All new candles have a wooden wick, which provides a larger flame when burning. In addition, due to the use of a natural raw material, which is wood, during the burning of the candle, the wick emits a sound reminiscent of wood burned in a fireplace.

In addition, the series has undergone a small upgrade and will be available in new packaging.

Why should you try the new CLCo wooden wick scented candles?

  • Richly decorated, elegant packaging with an embossed lid gives a luxurious finish to this candle collection.
  • The wooden wick provides a pleasant sound of wood burning in the fireplace.
  • Powerful, sophisticated and multi-layered fragrances for connoisseurs.
  • The perfect gift idea for him for any occasion.
Scented candle with a wooden wick Sandalwood Tonka Bean

Scented candle with a wooden wick Tonka Santal

Discover the unique fragrance of Tonka Santal, which will provide you with a heavenly sweet experience ... Creamy coconut milk combined with the sweetness of sugar and a distinct note of a vanilla pod will make you melt in pleasure. The whole is subtly broken with a fruity accent of peach nectar and a sensual note of amber.

Key Ingredients: Vanilla sugar, Amber, Coconut milk

  • Top Notes: Peach nectar
  • Heart Notes: Vanilla sugar, Butter, Coconut milk
  • Base Notes: Vanilla Bean, Musk, Amber

Scented candle with a wooden wick Coconut Noir

The scent of a Coconut Noir candle in glass will pamper your senses with a creamy mix of aromas. The extremely pleasant composition combines the sweet note of coconut with juicy melon, creating a summer base of the fragrance. Sweetness broken with a warm, raw aroma of agar wood and floral accents will be a perfect complement to any interior.

Key Ingredients: Coconut, Melon, Oudwood

  • Top Notes: Melon, Pineapple, Grapefruit
  • Heart Notes: Daisy, Coconut, Heliotrope
  • Base Notes: Oudwood, Amber, Patchouli
Scented candle with a wooden wick Coconut Noir
Large candle in a glass Blackberry Cognac

Large candle in glass Blackberry Cognac

The scent of Blackberry Cognac is an elegant combination that perfectly balances between a dry note of tobacco and a bouquet of dark fruit. Rich notes of plum and blackcurrant blend perfectly with creamy sandalwood and floral accents. A bouquet of aromas that brings to mind exquisite cognac...

Key Ingredients: Plum, Tobacco Leaf, Blackcurrant

  • Top Notes: Apple, Plum, Blackcurrant
  • Heart Notes: Jasmine, Hyacinth, Cloves
  • Base Notes: Tobacco, Hay, Sandalwood

Scented candle with wooden wick Lavender Sagewood

Lavender Sagewood fragrance is a dose of subtle freshness perfect for your interior. The herbal duo of lavender and clary sage soothes and helps clear the mind of negative thoughts. Delicate accents of creamy sandalwood and juniper berries enrich the fragrance with warm and fruity tones.

Key Ingredients: Clary sage, Lavender, Moss

  • Top Notes: Fresh air, Juniper berries
  • Heart Notes: Lavender
  • Base Notes: Clary sage, Sandalwood, Moss
Scented candle with wooden wick Lavender Sagewood
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Scented candle with wooden wick Candle-lite - Lavender Sagewood

Scented candle with wooden wick Candle-lite - Lavender Sagewood

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