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Discover Unique Collection soy candles from Purple River

Discover Unique Collection soy candles from Purple River

The latest collection of soy scented candles in glass from Purple River is perfect for lovers of sophisticated, perfumed scents. All Unique Collection soy candles with a weight of 220g of pure soy wax have been created by hand. Each soy candle has a wooden wick that emits a cozy, soft sound reminiscent of wood burning in a fireplace. The luxurious Purple River soy candle has been complemented with a lid made of natural wood with a minimalist brand logo. The whole thing is packed in an elegant box, which makes all Unique Collection soy candles a perfect gift idea.

The Unique Collection from Purple River includes six candles in classic colors. Each fragrance in the collection has its own, unique color theme. The scents of the candles included in the new collection are Classique, Mystique, Magnifique, Iconique, Hypnotique and Fantastique. In this article, we present to you all the fragrances from the Unique collection.

Why is it worth choosing a soy candle from the Unique collection by Purple River?

  • Natural raw materials - Candles made entirely of renewable soy wax are a great alternative to paraffin candles.
  • Handmade - Attention to detail and passion for creating the highest quality products make Unique candles refined to perfection.
  • Wooden wick - Thanks to its use, these scented candles burn out evenly, while giving a pleasant sound of wood burning in the fireplace.
  • Gift idea - Candles are packed in an elegant box, making them perfect as a gift for any occasion.
Classique black soy scented candle

Classique soy candle

This luxurious candle made of natural soy wax impresses with its oriental scent.

The fragrance of the Classique candle is a distinctive combination of woody and smoky notes providing a unique experience. Oriental incense in a duet with a warm note of guaiac wood creates an unconventional fragrance for true connoisseurs. The composition is additionally enriched with a sensual accent of musk, which is a great finish of the fragrance.

  • Top Notes: Incense
  • Heart Notes: Guaiac wood
  • Base notes: Musk

Magnifique wooden wick candle

This is a unique candle made of soy wax with a velvety scent that is memorable.

The scent of the Magnifique candle is a sweet composition that brings to mind the scent floating inside a luxury perfumery. A heavenly combination of crunchy, slightly sour apple with the sweet subtlety of jasmine. The senses-stimulating depth of the fragrance is due to the exquisite, warm note of amber, which makes this fragrance extremely majestic.

  • Top Notes: Apple
  • Heart Notes: Amber
  • Base notes: Jasmine
Soy candle wooden wick
Hypnotique blue soy scented candle

Hypnotique blue scented candle in glass

It is an elegant candle made of soy wax, which captivates with a beautiful, subtle fragrance.

The Hypnotique candle is an ideal proposition for lovers of unconventional fragrances. The sweet note of ripe tangerines and the vegetal freshness of green leaves are a great companion for subtle, sensual jasmine flowers. Warm, spicy anise perfectly bonds floral and fruity notes, making the scent of this candle mesmerizing...

  • Top Notes: Tangerine, Green leaves
  • Heart Notes: Anise
  • Base notes: Jasmine

Soy candle in a Fantastique box

This luxurious candle made of natural soy wax captivates with the expressiveness of patchouli.

The Fantastique scented candle is based on a distinctive note of patchouli, whose earthy character is perfectly complemented by bergamot. Its citrus-herbal scent together with the depth of patchouli creates a duo worth knowing. The fragrance is finished with a fresh, marine accent that makes it truly fantastic...

  • Top Notes: Bergamot
    Heart Notes: Marine accents
  • Base notes: Patchouli
Green soy candle with Fantastique box
Iconique Citrus Candle by Purple River

Iconique soy jasmine candle

A sensual candle made of soy wax with a sensual scent of women's perfume.

The scent of the Iconique candle is a real delight for people who love the sensual scent of women's perfume in their interiors. The powdery, sweet fragrance combines the unique note of neroli with subtle, light jasmine. The sandalwood accent further enriches this amazing duo, giving the whole composition a warm, creamy finish.

  • Top Notes: Neroli
  • Heart Notes: Jasmine
  • Base notes: Sandalwood 

Soy gift candle Mystique

Rose candle made of soy wax with a floral scent with a spicy accent.

The fragrance of the Mystique candle is a mystery variation on the romantic note of red roses. The floral base of the fragrance based on sensual rose petals perfectly harmonizes with the note of sweet peaches, but the accent of black pepper is the reason why this composition is so unique. Spicy, expressive pepper breaks sweetness and lightness, making this candle one of a kind.

  • Top Notes: Rose
  • Heart Notes: Peach
  • Base notes: Black pepper


Gift soy candle Mystique Rose
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