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Scent sticks for your home in spring

Scent sticks for your home in spring

Spring is the time when we want to surround our homes with beautiful scents. What fragrances are worth choosing? Scented sticks with crisp, fresh scents, which you can find at Candle World, are definitely a good idea. See what your favorite interior fragrances are for spring.

How to refresh your bedroom for spring?

If you are looking for a way to refresh your bedroom in spring, natural interior fragrance sticks will work perfectly. Their charm and magic lies in simplicity - the minimalist design can easily be adapted to any bedroom, regardless of whether it is romantic, rustic, Scandinavian or minimalist.

You can place the Scent Sticks in a specially designed white vase or in any favorite container or even in a coffee mug. By using a fragrance diffuser in the form of practical sticks made of natural paper, you not only contribute to caring for the natural environment, but also have the opportunity to ensure a quick and efficient exchange of fragrance.

If you want a more delicate aroma in the bedroom, open one or two sticks. For a stronger scent (for example, if you have a larger bedroom or like bold scents), unpack all three sticks from the set at once. The ability to unpack the sticks individually is a great solution. Thanks to this, you can dose the fragrance however you want and nothing is wasted. Enviroscent fragrance sticks are also packed in the same way.

Aloe Agave Candle-lite scented sticks

Refreshing scented sticks for interiors with the scent of aloe and agave

One of your most frequently chosen interior fragrances in spring is fresh and crisp Aloe Agave! The combination of soothing notes of aloe and the slightly herbal, intriguing note of agave is perfect for warmer days. You can place the scent anywhere in your apartment. It will perfectly freshen the air in the bedroom, bathroom or dressing room.

A fresh interior fragrance of coriander and lemongrass

If you need a scent that is stimulating, refreshing and inspiring at the same time, be sure to try the Lemongrass & Coriander interior fragrance. Refreshing lemongrass combined with aromatic coriander gives a unique citrus and herbal refreshment.

Lemongrass Coriander Candle-lite scented sticks
Eucalyptus Cucumber Candle-lite scented sticks

A fresh eucalyptus and cucumber fragrance for interiors

There is nothing more pleasant than entering a living room or bedroom full of refreshing notes of eucalyptus combined with fresh cucumber and wonderful, cool air. A perfect interior fragrance for warm, sunny days.

A herbal and intriguing interior fragrance of Anjou pear and watercress

Let yourself be carried away by exotic freshness thanks to the surprising combination of warm notes of Anjou pear and crisp watercress.

Watercress Pear Anjou Candle-lite scented sticks
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Fragrance sticks Scent Sticks - Eucalyptus Cucumber Candle-lite

Fragrance sticks Scent Sticks - Eucalyptus Cucumber Candle-lite

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