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Candle snufflers and durable wick trimmers

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Our high-quality, specially selected wick trimmers and candle snuffers will help keep your candle in top condition. Do you use them in your home? If so, be sure to check out our offer of accessories dedicated to all types of candles. Important accessories that should be in everyone's home are a wick trimmer and a candle extinguisher. Many people do not realize how functional (and useful!) These devices are.

Wick trimmer or wick scissors?

Candle wick trimmer and wick scissors are two names for the same tool. This device is used to trim candle wicks. The trimmer is constructed in such a way as to conveniently get to the wick. Thanks to the special tip, the cut wick will not fall into the wax. If the wick has been flooded with wax, you can easily pull it out with a trimmer without getting your hands dirty.

Why is it important to trim the wick with a trimmer?

Without trimming the wick, the candle flame becomes very large. How does this affect the candle? First of all, the wax in the candle will melt faster, which means that we will be able to enjoy the beautiful scent at home and the sensual atmosphere for a shorter time. Secondly, a large flame will char, for example, the glass in which the candle is located. This may cause an unpleasant odor to be released. Do you want to enjoy your candles and your favorite fragrances a lot? If so, take care of them and cut their wicks regularly to the length recommended by the manufacturer (this information can be found on each candle).

Candle snufflers and extinguishers

Another very useful accessory is, of course, candle snufflers. Here, as the name suggests, this device is used to extinguish the flame of a candle. Now you're probably wondering why such a device, when all you need to do is blow out the flame. This should not be done under any circumstances! Candle manufacturers even warn against blowing out the flame, as this may have negative consequences, such as burns or pouring wax on an unprotected surface close to the candle. In addition, after blowing out the flame of the candle, the unpleasant smell will dissipate (which will effectively "cover" your favorite aroma of a scented candle that has been burned for several hours!).

That is why the candle extinguisher was created, thanks to which you will put out the flame and still enjoy the beautiful scent produced when the candle burns. This is a safe method of extinguishing a candle based on a simple relationship - to "smother the fire" you need to cut off the oxygen supply.

Wick scissors and candle extinguishers - which one to choose?

We offer trimmers and screensavers in various colors and designs, so you can match them to your decor. They can be purchased in sets as well as separately. Do you want to give a candle lover a gift, but you don't know if you will hit the mark with the scent? If so, the perfect solution will be to buy a candle extinguisher and a candle trimmer in a decorative box.

What do you need to know about trimming a candle wick?

If you use scented candles, you will certainly need accessories for extinguishing them and trimming the wick. Why is proper candle extinguishing so important? If you blow out the candle, liquid wax may spill out, and wick pieces may remain in the pool of the candle.

Every reputable candle manufacturer recommends extinguishing candles by cutting off the oxygen supply to the wick. How to properly extinguish a candle? Preferably with a snuffer (also called an extinguisher) for candles (candle snuffler).

Place the candle extinguisher over the flame and cover it. This will allow the candle to gently extinguish. Candle extinguishers work well with both cotton and wooden wicks.

Why do we trim the candle wick?

The wick in the candle should be trimmed regularly to ensure optimal, even burning of the candle and to avoid excessive soot.

When to trim a candle wick?

Reputable manufacturers recommend trimming the wick before each candle lighting.

How long should the wick be?

The optimal length of the wick is about 5-6 mm (or according to the manufacturer's individual recommendations, which you will find on each candle).

In our Candle World candle shop you will find a wide selection of candle quenchers and wick trimmers. Thanks to them, you can take care of your candles and your comfort regularly and effectively.