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Natural soy candles with a wooden wick and elegant scented diffusers - get to know the Fine Fragrance brand straight from Australia!

Natural soy candles with a wooden wick and elegant scented diffusers - get to know the Fine Fragrance brand straight from Australia!

Natural, soy scented candles with a wooden wick and elegant long-lasting scent diffusers are unique products of the Australian premium brand Fine Fragrance Company. The Australian fragrance house's domain is the constant search and creation of new mixtures of the world's best fragrances that will provide an individual and unique atmosphere in your home. Just as you choose the perfect perfume for yourself, you can easily start looking for the perfect home fragrance among those offered by Fine Fragrance.

Fragrances created in the heart of Australia will take you to a magical, sensual land. Aromatic compositions inspired by world capitals, unique scents encapsulating memories in natural soy candles and scented sticks. Create a unique and individual atmosphere in your home by choosing interior fragrances that reflect our personality and style. Regardless of whether we are looking for a gift for family and friends or we want to please ourselves, we can define and emphasize our lifestyle thanks to the luxurious aromas that we introduce to our homes.

Fine Fragrance soy scented candles and scented sticks

The Fine Fragrance Company collections include soy scented candles and interior fragrances in the form of scented diffusers with sticks.

Soy candles are available in two sizes (depending on the collection, 250 g and 500 g of wax) and in various finishes and various, elegant glasses. Depending on the collection, the candles also have elegant lids that add elegance. Each Fine Fragrance soy scented candle has a wooden wick made of natural pine wood, which produces a soothing sound when burning, like wood in a fireplace. The wooden wick also has a unique flame and glow. The characteristic, triangular shape of the flame and the delicate, calming sizzle of pine wood will provide you with a sensual experience.

All Fine Fragrance Company candles are packed in decorative gift boxes, making them a good idea for a luxurious gift for any occasion.

Each scent of soy candles can also be found in elegant scented diffusers with sticks. These diffusers release fragrance continuously for up to six months. A great idea is to place a set consisting of a soy candle and scented sticks in one room, so that we can enjoy the sensual aroma all the time.

Natural soy scented candles with wooden wicks from Australia
Fine Fragrance soy candles
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