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Pompoen geurkaarsen op drie manieren

Pompoen geurkaarsen op drie manieren

Pumpkin is one of the most frequently chosen candle scents for autumn. What kind of pumpkin can you try this year? All sweet combinations definitely dominate, but there will also be savory pumpkins. Intrigued? It's time for pumpkin madness!

Get to know pumpkin, a surprising vegetable!

Pumpkins come in an intriguing number of types, shapes, colors and... flavors. From the most popular, large orange pumpkins called pumpkins, through butternut squash, the so-called from pasta pumpkins to Hokkaido pumpkins and beautiful species of ornamental pumpkins, there is definitely a lot to choose from in autumn. Interestingly, pumpkin is a vegetable, not a fruit. In most varieties of pumpkin, the flesh and seeds are edible, and in some cases you can also eat the flesh with the skin. However, there are varieties of pumpkin whose seeds are not edible. The types of pumpkin seeds that are edible are worth eating because they contain as much as 80% unsaturated fatty acids. Pumpkin flowers are also edible.

How to prepare pumpkin?

You can even eat some varieties of the day raw, but the vast majority of them gain their distinctiveness and flavor thanks to thermal processing. Pumpkins are boiled, stewed and baked. In the United States, pumpkin is used to produce pre-packaged pumpkin puree, which is the basic ingredient of most traditional American pumpkin pies. Every year in the fall, pumpkin coffees, the so-called pumpkin latte. Pumpkin is also the basis for various types of preserves, from pumpkin jams, through pickled pumpkins, to pumpkin compotes. We often cook pumpkin goulash in autumn to give us energy.

Types and varieties of pumpkin

Pumpkin in culture and tradition

Pumpkin farms, so popular in the USA, also began to appear in European countries. However, for many years we have associated pumpkin with Halloween, when we create lanterns from a hollowed-out pumpkin, i.e. jack-o-lantern. Every year there are competitions for the largest pumpkins. Interestingly, valuable oil is also pressed from pumpkin. North America is considered the homeland of pumpkins. In Europe, the name pumpkin comes from Greek and originally meant "large melon". Indeed, pumpkin consists of 90%... water!

Pumpkin scented candles for fall

If you love pumpkins and want this unique scent to accompany you every day, be sure to try aromatic pumpkin candles. What pumpkin scents can you confidently choose for autumn evenings? First, consider whether you prefer the scent of pumpkin in a sweet version or perhaps in a more savory combination. If you love sweet pumpkin scents, be sure to try Pumpkin Sweets, Pumpkin Spice and Pumpkin Buttercream Latte. Maple Pumpkin Swirl would also be great. We also have something for lovers of expressive woody, oriental and spicy notes - a dry version of pumpkin in the Woodland Pumpkin scent. What will you choose for yourself?

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