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We present a new collection of car fragrances from Max Benjamin

We present a new collection of car fragrances from Max Benjamin

The family of fragrant Max Benjamin products has recently expanded to include a whole range of car fragrances. Elegantly packaged, beautifully fragrant and long-lasting, Max Benjamin car fragrances are not only a perfect addition to your car, but also a great gift idea.

Max Benjamin car fragrances - what can we find in the new collection?

The Max Benjamin car fragrance collection consists of two types of products. The first is a starter set, which includes an elegant fragrance dispenser and one refill with the selected fragrance. The dispenser, styled like a vintage steering wheel, is made of high-quality steel with a chrome-colored coating. The dispenser features an embossed MB emblem and the Max Benjamin brand logo. The dispenser can be easily and quickly mounted to the air vent in your car.

In addition to a luxurious dispenser, the starter kit also includes one fragrance refill. Thanks to this, a starter set with a car fragrance will be a perfect gift idea for every car fan. One fragrance capsule will release fragrance in your car for 3 to 6 weeks. This is a convenient and durable solution.

The entire starter set is packed in an elegant box with silver accents (the packaging is a hallmark of the Irish brand Max Benjamin). The box has dimensions of 70x70x50 mm, so it will be a great and easy to transport (even by plane!) gift for your loved ones or a pleasant souvenir from your trip.

Max Benjamin car fragrance

Keeping up with the times and following the idea of less waste, the Max Benjamin brand has expanded its collection of car fragrances with the so-called refills. These are additions to the starter kit and can be purchased separately. This means you don't have to buy a starter kit with a dispenser every time. This has a positive effect on reducing waste. Each Max Benjamin car fragrance refill is packed in an elegant packaging in the form of a folded paper card. This not only provides an eye-pleasing experience, but also makes a car fragrance refill a great gift for someone who already has a starter kit. Each capsule will release a beautiful aroma in your car for 3 to 6 weeks.

What fragrances can be found in the new Max Benjamin car fragrance collection?

The collection includes five best-selling fragrances, already known to fans of the Max Benjamin brand from the collection of scented candles and scented diffusers. The scents available in the collection are Lemongrass & Ginger, French Linen Water, Dodici, White Pomegranate and Blue Azure. Each fragrance is assigned a different color, so for example the Dodici fragrance is available in black, while the French Linen Water fragrance is available in light pink. Each of the refills in these fragrances looks extremely elegant and chic in combination with the chrome fragrance dispenser.

Max Benjamin car fragrances mounted to the air vent
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