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What are natural massage candles and how to use them?

What are natural massage candles and how to use them?

Many people are looking for a way to relax and unwind. While running, we often forget how important closeness to another person and the magic of touch are. Touch has healing and therapeutic effects and is a recognized form of therapy that has been used for decades. Touch and closeness are also very important in the prevention of depression. How to creatively use the power of touch and at the same time have a nice time together? Natural massage candles come to our aid.

What is a massage candle?

A massage candle is a candle made of natural plant wax - it can be classic soy wax or soy wax with the addition of other waxes, e.g. coconut or beeswax. When we light the massage candle, the wax will begin to dissolve. After a while, pour the melted wax onto the body and massage it in. Soy wax absorbs quickly, does not leave a greasy film on the skin, and additionally nourishes and moisturizes the skin. Thanks to the use of a massage candle made of natural soy wax, the massage is very pleasant, the wax provides pleasant warmth on the skin and facilitates the massage.

Which massage candles should you choose?

There are many types of massage candles available on the market. We have scented massage candles and unscented massage candles. Which massage candle should you choose? If you want a soothing, beautiful scent to be released in the air during the massage, choose a scented massage candle.

We can choose from various types of massage candles, with natural scents, such as soy massage candles, or with essential oils. If we value ecology and nature, we can try massage candles with EcoCert certified essential oils. Remember that massage candles have scents selected so as to leave a delicate scent on the skin. If you don't feel like buying a scented massage candle, try unscented soy massage tealights.

Is every candle suitable for massage?

Absolutely not! We recommend using only professional massage candles. Why? Candles may have different wax melting points (up to 60 degrees Celsius!), only those with a lower melting point are recommended for massage. The massage candle is dye-free and the oils it contains are selected by professionals.

How to use massage candles?

Using candles for massage is very simple and very pleasant at the same time. Trim the wick in the candle to a height of about 5 mm, light it and wait a while. The soy wax will begin to dissolve very quickly. Massage your body with melted wax. Massage candles are very efficient, even the smallest ones are perfect for a whole body massage. Massage candles are also used for professional massage treatments. Of course, you can use the massage candle many times. Intrigued? Choose a massage candle for yourself today and offer your loved one what is most valuable - your time and commitment.

Natural massage candles made of soy wax
Which massage candles are the best?
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