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Ceramic scented candles for you

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If you are looking for something original, definitely try scented candles in ceramics. When you burn such a candle, you are dealing with a unique design that pleases the eye. When the candle in the ceramic burns out, clean the container and use it again as a cover, storage container or simply an original decoration!

Such candles are a beautiful keepsake and make the perfect gifts. And if you're looking for other candle gift ideas, check out all of our candle gift sets and our candle sale.

Is ceramic suitable for scented candles?

Ceramic is great as a container for candles, as long as it has been properly prepared. The point is that the ceramic vessel is no longer porous. Therefore, beware of candles in porous, unglazed containers (liquid absorbent). An example is clay pots, which can act as a kind of catalyst for the wick, causing it to grow excessively. At Candle World, we offer only proven scented candles in ceramics from renowned manufacturers, such as Charmed Aroma.

Candles with jewelry in ceramic containers

One of the perfect examples of using ceramics to create scented candles are limited edition jewelry candles.

You can find in our offer unique candles in fancy shapes for every occasion and season. Snowman candles or penguin or dwarf candles for Christmas and winter, pumpkin or owl-shaped candles for autumn, spring candles in the shape of an Easter bunny, as well as candles for the summer in the form of shells or whales.

We have not forgotten about fans of TV series, books, movies and famous brands. That is why the offer of scented candles in ceramics at Candle World includes Harry Potter candles, Friends candles and Game of Thrones candles. All ceramic jewelry candles have licensed jewelry embedded in wax, making them a unique gift for any occasion.

Original and elegant scented candles in ceramics

Ceramic scented candles can be found not only in funny containers, but also in elegant, minimalist packaging. Such candles are usually made of thicker ceramics, thanks to which they are very stable and look great in any place.

You can choose from large multi-wick ceramic candles and smaller single-wick candles. Thanks to their simple design, these exclusive gifts will make everyone happy. It is impossible to pass by them indifferently, especially when you light them and allow yourself to enjoy the unique scent of candles in ceramics.

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