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Fine Fragrance Company

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Fine Fragrance Company is an Australian fragrance house that constantly searches for and creates new blends of the world's best fragrances to create a unique and individual atmosphere in your home. This is how we can choose the best fragrance for our interior. Regardless of whether we are looking for a gift for family and friends or we want to please ourselves, we can define and emphasize our lifestyle thanks to the scents we introduce into our homes.

The hallmarks of the Fine Fragrance brand are a combination of natural raw materials, such as soy waxes and pine wood wicks, as well as elegance and class in creating minimalist collections that fit perfectly not only into contemporary trends, but also into the unique atmosphere of your home.

Practical, elegant boxes will provide you with the perfect gift

The Fine Fragrance brand is perfectly aware of how important packaging is when giving a gift to your loved ones. That's why each product - both soy scented candles with wooden wicks and elegant scented sticks - has a decorative gift packaging. You can create beautiful gift sets for gift baskets thanks to the consistent style of individual fragrances from the premium collection.

Discover the Fine Fragrance collection of candles and home fragrances

Discover the most interesting fragrance collections from Fine Fragrance. Get inspired today and choose the perfect scent and the best design for yourself.

The London Collection

The London Collection is the epitome of London chic. Inspired by London culture, from the unique charm of Covent Garden to the bustling Carnaby Street. This collection is simple and elegant, providing a touch of luxury in each beautiful candle and aroma diffuser packed in an elegant black gift box. Be inspired by London's unique culture and set off on a journey with the stylish scent of Tea at the Ritz, drive along the colorful Portobello Road with notes of mimosa and cardamom and arrive at Kew Gardens Orangery.

In London you will find beautiful green areas and royal parks. London's nightlife is vibrant in the West End, stylish young designers can be found on Carnaby Street, and the atmosphere of the sixties can be found on Portobello Road. Hampstead Heath, known for its exciting story about the Highwaymen and its fantastic celebrity mansions, is a fragrance combining the woody notes of ancient oaks with the addition of bergamot, giving your home a woody touch. The old flower markets of Covent Garden, now transformed into a wonderful oasis full of boutiques and restaurants, tempt us with strong notes of jasmine and fresh rose, bringing to mind the old days of Dickens and Shakespeare.

Prince Philip of Spain introduced oranges to London around 1490, and oranges have been grown at the Kew Gardens Orangery ever since. A blend of the sweet, citrus aroma of orange blossom with an elegant note of bergamot and wood in our Marmalade fragrance is a pure and joy-giving combination of citrus and cedarwood.

All these fragrances have been prepared to elegantly recreate the atmosphere of London, which is considered one of the world's centers of style and culture.

The London Collection is available in six fragrances. Each scented candle and scent diffuser from this collection is packaged in an elegant and stylish black gift box with silver accents. Candles made of a soy wax mixture are available in 250 g and 500 g versions, which burn for ~ 110 h. The scent diffusers are packed in beautiful glass containers, and the deep black candle packaging fits any interior.

The Paris Range

Paris is the world capital of fashion and at the same time the city of love. This city embodies everything that is beautiful and stylish about the traditional European way of life.

The six sexy, feminine fragrances from The Paris Collection are an ever-living mix of delicate and trendy fragrances that can only be found in French perfumeries. The original, strong combination of pink and black with the classic fleur-de-lis pattern brings to mind Parisian chic. The essence of this chic and Parisian Haute Couture is reflected in our The Paris Collection - we named our fragrances after stylish French women.

Celine is a lady from Normandy, where the juicy apples that we eat in French tarts grow. Celine fragrance is a combination of green apple with tuberose and bergamot, giving a sweet and rustic scent that will create a magical orchard of pleasure in your living room. Amelie chose delicate white jasmine flowers with the addition of violets, reminiscent of spring on the Champs Elysées. Parisian women love small pleasures, eccentric

Adele collected the strong and intense notes of patchouli and mixed them with gardenia and sweet musk, resulting in an intense reference to Rive Gauche. It is not only a part of Paris, it is the essence of the style of young designers, this fashionable and moving fragrance reminds us of an important part of the city's culture. Adele's sister, Monique combined night-blooming jasmine with strong, rich wood notes sandalwood, creating a soothing yet distinctive scent.

Newly married Chantal loves the sweetness of French crepes, which she buys still hot at dusk in Montmartre. Inspired by sweetness and sensuality, she created a combination of vanilla musk and amber that she can wrap herself in in her stylish apartment. The memory of the jewelry she wore to her special wedding is now part of the entire The Paris Collection. Chantal invites you to the world of her love. Stylish Angelique, whose roots reach back to exotic Morocco, loves the combination of fresh, rural fragrance notes with stylish Parisian streets. Inspired by real oak wood finishes, she mixed the heavenly combination of cedarwood and bergamot with a hint of fresh flowers from the Luxembourg Gardens.

Fragrances from the stylish The Paris Collection are elegance and sophistication. Each of the six unique scents is a great gift idea for a loved one or for yourself.

The Melbourne Collection

Melbourne is the center of Australia's café culture, where young professionals work and play. The modern design of The Melbourne Collection reflects a distinctive lifestyle: the city's vibrant cafés and sumptuous nightlife, as well as the joie de vivre (joie de vivre) for which travelers come to sample the pleasures that Melbourne has to offer.

For a Melbourne resident, the journey begins every day with their favorite Café Latte, made from freshly roasted coffee beans surrounded by sweet caramel. Italian influences in Melbourne's culture mean that good coffee is very important to its residents. The time for work begins when the sparrows start singing their morning song. Our fresh Crisp Linen fragrance is something we want to come back to as soon as we get back home. A walk to the tram to work leads through local parks, where strong floral aromas awaken our senses. The Wild Frangipani The wild Frangipani flower intertwined with Ylang Ylang is a subtle reminder that Asian flowers grow almost on our porches... During our lunch break, we smuggle in a delicious Fruit Sorbet made from a mixture of lychee and coconut, which will help us cool down when it's hot outside.

Some of our friends love sweets and choose Italian biscotti covered with light Crème Anglaise, this fragrance is full of rich notes of vanilla and buttermilk. When it's time for some evening fun, we go to our favorite bar and cool our palates with a fresh and crisp Mai Tai cocktail, full of sparkling lime and ripe pineapple. After a few hours of great fun, we go to bed and wrap ourselves in freshly washed sheets with notes of Crisp Linen full of cedar wood and lavender. It's a great end to another amazing day in Melbourne. The Fine Fragrance Company is part of the stylish and fast life in Melbourne.

This collection was created to introduce you to the young and trend-following culture of the heart of Australia.

With vibrant, fun, trendy colors, this modern and stylish collection is an evocative reference to the fast-paced life of Melbourne's inhabitants. Each hand-painted scented candle and scent diffuser is packaged in a color-matched gift box with silver accents. Each candle from this collection also has a silver lid with a soft, elegant ribbon bow.

The Seasons Collection

Fabulous and eclectic, The Seasons Collection is four pure and interesting fragrances reflecting spring, summer, autumn and winter. We have reached the distant corners of Asia to prepare exotic fragrances for you. This aromatic and spicy collection will provide freshness with unique floral notes and exotic spices.

We begin our journey on a trail full of spices - we reach the heart of the biblical land that is the cradle of our civilization. In dusty Yemen we find the scent of frankincense for our Exotic Spice fragrance.

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