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Candle shade, candle tray

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Candle shades and trays are a stylish and practical decoration. They will protect your furniture against dripping wax, while giving a unique atmosphere. Various shapes, sizes and designs mean that everyone will find something for themselves.

Why is it worth using candle shades and trays?

  • The candle tray is a stylish and practical decoration.
  • Candle trays look beautiful no matter where you place them. They can be used to decorate a table, chest of drawers, window sill or shelf. Such accessories are perfect for a family dinner, occasional event and even a social meeting.
  • Each of them is distinguished by a different interesting pattern, shape and material from which it is made, which makes it easy to find a pattern that matches your house or apartment. Some of them are glass, others concrete or resin. Still others are made of ecological materials, such as wood or ceramics. You will also find mirror candle holders that reflect light beautifully and create a unique atmosphere.
  • Candle trays can have more than one use. You can use them as a place to store jewelry, cosmetics, and even put your favorite incense sticks on them. The mirror coasters will blend in beautifully with a vase filled with a fresh bouquet of flowers, and the wooden ones will create a cozy atmosphere.
  • The burning cap placed on the candles will beautifully diffuse the light and create a wonderful atmosphere. Candle lampshades can take various shapes and patterns. As in the case of candle trays, the overlays have a protective function.

Functional accessories for your interior

Your favorite scented candle will certainly come in handy with a candle lampshade and tray! It is worth using sets in which we have matching accessories designed to emphasize the beauty of candles. This type of set is a great gift idea for a person who likes unusual decorations. Lampshades and candle trays create a cozy atmosphere, especially when it starts to get dark outside.