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Candle meaning in Feng Shui - how to use candles in Feng Shui?

Candle meaning in Feng Shui - how to use candles in Feng Shui?

There are several basic principles of Feng Shui - the first is the principle of yin and yang. Yin is the female part of nature, considered passive and weak, while yang is the male part, considered active, strong and dominant. According to Feng Shui, it is natural for yin to strive for yang and vice versa. The perfect representation of this concept can be found in fire, flame - initially a small fire (yin) begins to spread, turning into a strong yang. As it starts to run out of power, the fire starts to die out, becoming more and more yin, until it finally dies out.

Feng Shui rules for home

The second principle in Feng Shui is the use of a bagua, an octagonal planning grid. Each corner represents a different area of life. Areas in bagua are career, knowledge, family and health, marriage, children, fame and helpful people. Thanks to the use of appropriate symbols and the layout of the house or apartment based on the bagua grid, it is possible to achieve both harmony and improvement of our life situation in a specific area of ​​life.

Another, third, basic principle of Feng Shui is wu xing, i.e. the principle of five elements. The elements are metal, wood, water, fire and earth. Each element in Feng Shui has a specific symbolism and thanks to the use of the so-called. Feng Shui remedies can influence the strengthening or weakening of each of the elements.

Applying the principles of Feng Shui helps to create a harmonious interior

Candles in Feng Shui - how to use?

Candles are one of the most powerful remedies in Feng Shui. The use of candles in Feng Shui is the strongest reflection of the fire element in your home (unless you have a fireplace). Candles purify the atmosphere and inspire, warm the circulating energy and help soothe everyday stresses. Candles add creative and exuberant energy to your interior. If your life seems colorless and routine, light a candle. It will help to introduce elemental energy and fill your life with a positive glow. Both unscented and scented candles will work. It is best to choose natural candles for your home, such as soy candles.

Burning good quality candles in your bedroom will definitely have a positive effect. This life-giving element will help to clear the flow of energy, warm the atmosphere and cleanse it at the same time. There are other places according to the bagua grid where burning candles is definitely desirable - the center of your home, the south zone, the south-west and the north-east. Try to match the colors of candles and candlesticks to specific zones (if you use tea lights). Noteworthy places where it is worth placing good quality candles are, apart from the bedroom, the bathroom and the living room.

Centerpiece table decoration in Feng Shui

A very interesting and helpful Feng Shui remedy is to create the so-called centerpiece, i.e. decorations in the middle of the table combining all five elements according to the wu xing principle. This decoration will allow you to achieve harmony of all five elements. In order to create it, prepare a glass bowl, on the bottom of which throw pebbles - pebbles symbolizing the earth element. Add pure water symbolizing the water element. Add a metal element in the form of small metal objects, such as nuggets or metal nuggets. Add flower petals in the color of your choice to symbolize the element of wood. Finally, place the floating candles symbolizing the fire element and light it.

Candles in Feng Shui represent the element of fire

What are the best types of candles according to Feng Shui?

You can use literally any type of candle. Candles in the shape of a triangle will further enhance the value of the remedy, as the fire element is associated with a triangular shape. Candles with modern and decorative shapes, for example in the shape of a rose flower, are recommended to be used as floating candles in bowls of water or as votive candles. On the windowsill, votive candles in colorful candlesticks will be perfect. Elegant and classic spitz candles look great both in single candlesticks and in candelabra. A great remedy will be to place several candles in different sizes on a tray surrounded by pebbles or colored glass or precious stones.

Remember to always choose candles from a proven source, good quality and with wicks without the addition of heavy metals, including lead. Among the scented candles, natural candles (they can be soy, coconut or with hemp wax) will be perfect. You can choose the color of the scented candle to suit your current Feng Shui needs. Scented candles in glass will work just as well (glass is a neutral material), but also candles in ceramics (earth element) or in cans (metal).

The number of candles and their meaning in Feng Shui

Both the colors and the number of candles have a specific meaning in Feng Shui, so it is worth getting to know them to be able to fully use their potential in improving our well-being. When it comes to the number of candles, the rule of using a certain number of candles is the same for candles as well as for other elements important in Feng Shui, including lucky bamboo.

And yes, the number 2 relates to love, so setting two candles can help our love life. Three candles symbolize happiness, long life and wealth. The composition of four candles should be avoided, because the word four in Chinese sounds similar to the word death, which can bring negative energy inside. Five candles set together can help us to strengthen intuition, mental strength, emotional feeling and physical strength.

Six candles in Feng Shui can bring us general good luck. If we arrange a composition of seven candles together, we will support good health. Eight candles can support development, success in undertakings and strengthen fertility. In turn, the arrangement of nine candles will help us by giving us good luck and success in all areas of life. Ten candles will provide us with full happiness and a sense of accomplishment. For larger celebrations, it is worth thinking about an arrangement of twenty-one candles - this will provide a very good strengthening of health and wealth, and a general blessing for the whole family.

Colorful candles will help you create a Feng Shui-friendly home

What colors of candles to choose for the room according to Feng Shui?

The general rule is that each sector of the bagua is assigned a specific color that supports positive energy, and you can choose the color of the candle in the same way. Green candles suit the eastern sector very well. In the south-eastern sector, you can try to use blue, purple and red. In the southern sector, warm colors will be perfect, Feng Shui recommends candles in red, burgundy, pink and peach.

For the southwest sector, choose red, pink and white candles. In the western sector, white, silver, gray and gold candles will work. In the north-west sector, try white, black and gray candles. For the northern sector, Feng Shui recommends a monochrome combination of white and black candles. The north-eastern sector will be perfectly complemented by sea, blue, green and black candles. Place yellow, brown and light brown candles in the center of the house.

Three colors of candles that are worth paying special attention to in Feng Shui are candles in shades of red, white and orange. Red candles help in getting a better reputation and more fame. White candles according to Feng Shui symbolize two things, namely heaven, by which we mean helpful and friendly people, teachers and achieving goals in life. The second meaning of white candles is lake or stream, which means joy, children and creativity. Orange-colored candles symbolize the mountain, which means helping to achieve wisdom and peace in life. Since the orange candle also symbolizes the sun, it also supports development and wealth. In addition, the color of this candle helps us to de-stress and gain a balance between private and professional life.

Remember that the most important thing in Feng Shui is the pursuit of balance and harmony, so adjust the candles and their number so that they do not overwhelm the room and give full happiness and joy every day.

Candles in the bathroom according to the principles of Feng Shui

Can scented candles be used as remedies in Feng Shui?

Of course! Scented candles are an excellent feng shui remedy and are worth trying to improve your well-being.

  • If your love life has become routine, light two scented candles in the bedroom (remember to place them close together to create a sense of intimacy and unity). Light these candles twice a day. Which fragrance to choose to enhance your love life? Choose scented candles stimulating the senses with the aroma of rose flower, ylang-ylang and jasmine.
  • If your interior feels cold and depressing, there is too much yin energy. Introduce more yang energy into the room by placing three scented candles with fresh aromas, such as lavender, peppermint and bergamot.
  • Are you lacking inspiration, do you feel that you need more creativity and ideas? Think of scented candles with the uplifting aroma of frankincense, lemon and rosemary.
  • When you want to feel more independent and self-sufficient, choose scented candles with a geranium aroma.
  • If you feel that you lack the balance between your professional work and private life, use scented candles with a cleansing aroma of lemon or orange and light them every day in the early morning.
Use the power of candles in Feng Shui practice

How often to light candles to get the optimal effect according to Feng Shui?

  • If you want to gain the favor of the environment, light once a day (preferably during the day) nine red candles placed in the center of your house or apartment.
  • When you have a tendency to take a hoe to the sun and set yourself impossible goals, your home may be missing an element of wood. Light candles each morning in the family sector of the bagua.
  • Need inspiration in life? Each evening, light eight blue candles in the left corner of your home.
  • Want to improve your health? You can try to light five yellow candles placed on the kitchen table once a day.

Finally, some practical Feng Shui tips:

How Can Candle Colors Improve Feng Shui? If you light a red candle, you can add more luck in the area of \u200b\u200bwealth. Other colors conducive to a good financial streak are gold and purple.

The southern sector of the house is the sector of the fire element. Burning a red candle in this sector will help advance your career, fame and good finances. It also has a positive effect on the knowledge and learning of the whole family.

If you are dissatisfied with your social life and feel that it lacks helpful people, light a red candle in the South East sector.

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