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How to buy scented candles online? Ultimate shopping guide

How to buy scented candles online? Ultimate shopping guide

Over the years, the Internet seems to become more and more tame. More and more of us declare that we are online every day, most of us also shop online. Online stores tempt with an ever wider offer, which is why we are more and more willing to shop in this way. The same goes for scented candles. Fragrances and scented candles have been our passion for many years, which is why at Candle World you will find unique, specially selected scented candles from around the world. We want to infect you with our passion, which is why we make sure that our offer of aromatic candles is the best. That is why we have created this shopping guide in which you will learn what to look for when buying scented candles online.

How to buy scented candles online? Think about what is important to you!

For each of us, something different will be most important when choosing a scented candle. Think for a moment and answer a few questions:

Do I care about a long burning time or the unique effect of multi-wick candles?

This is a very important issue, because scented candles differ in burning time for many reasons. It mainly depends on:

  • wax type (type of wax in the candle, e.g. soy candles)
  • wick type (you can choose from cotton wick candles and wooden wick candles)
  • wax weights (the more wax, the longer the burning time of the candle)
  • number of wicks (single-wick candles tend to burn longer than multi-wick candles)
  • candle shape (candles in fancy shapes usually burn shorter than classic block candles)
  • candle container (some container types heats up faster and more strongly, e.g. metal tins).

If you want to burn for as long as possible, it is usually best to buy the largest candle offered by the brand. You will find them in the Large Candles category. If you care about a wonderful effect and a magical atmosphere, choose a scented candle with several wicks or a wooden wick.

More wicks means the wax will melt faster and the fragrance will spread faster in the room. In our Candle World store, all scented candles have the exact burn time in hours, so you know how long the scented candle will surround you with its unique aroma. You can also easily find candles with a certain number of wicks at Candle World! To do this, select the desired number of wicks in the filters.

Soy scented candle in glass jar Purple River Sweet Macaron
Soy scented candle in glass jar Purple River Spirit Garden

How big is the room where I will be burning the scented candle?

Size does matter! And it's huge when choosing the right scented candle. So how do we choose the best candle for our room? As a standard, manufacturers use higher concentrations of fragrances in larger candles, so it can be assumed that the larger the candle, the more intense the scent.

Of course, you can also use our support - in the description of each scented candle available in the store you will find a filter that determines the optimal room size for each candle:

  • Small rooms up to about 10 - 12 m²
  • Medium rooms up to about 20 - 25 m²
  • Large rooms over 25 m²

Of course, remember that when choosing a candle, our fragrance sensitivity is very important - here people who are very sensitive to scents and can clearly sense even the more delicate ones, may be tempted to choose a smaller candle for a larger space, and vice versa - if we are less sensitive to smells, it may turn out that a better solution for us will be to choose a larger candle for a smaller room.

If you have any questions regarding the selection of a candle for your interior (especially when you have a larger space to fill with fragrance, e.g. 100 - 200 m², please contact us - we will help you choose the best solution for you).

Small soy candles in Purple River glass
Haribo scented candle in a large glass Cherry Cola fragrance

Do I prefer to change scents often or do I like to burn one scented candle for a long time?

Usually, when asked which candles are the most profitable to buy, you will receive the answer that they are the biggest, because they burn the longest. Yes, it's a good solution, but only if you want to enjoy the same aroma at home for a long time. If you prefer to change scents more often because you get bored quickly, consider buying a few medium or smaller candles - they will burn out faster and you will test more scents.

Are you not sure if you are one of those people who like to change the fragrance at home often? How many perfumes do you use? More than three? We suggest starting with a few candles of a smaller size. If you do not want to give up the longest burning time, we have an interesting solution for you, i.e. candles consisting of several scents enclosed in one large candle in a glass jar.

If you like to change scents very often, perhaps a better solution than a candle will be scented wax melts.

How to choose a scented candle?

Home fragrances are like perfumes - our preferences are very individual.

So how to choose a scented candle to meet our expectations? If you already have a few candles with your favorite scents, for example fresh or oriental notes, use our filter where you will find all popular types of scents. If you like specific fragrance notes, for example you love the aroma of rose and vanilla, enter the word rose vanilla in our search engine. All products with selected fragrance notes will be displayed.

If you haven't chosen scented candles yet, you can start with the same types of scents as in the perfumes you like. If you prefer notes of lavender or chocolate, choose these scents when filtering. If you always go for floral perfumes, you can start looking at floral candles.

In what form do I want to try a scented candle?

The most popular type of candles today are, of course, scented candles in glass. They have many advantages - they usually have additional lids that protect the candle from dust. Glass is a raw material that we can easily recycle, we can also successfully reuse jars and containers for candles. The glass used to create the candle can be transparent or colored, simple in form or decorative, and even jewelry, adding a unique character to the interior.

In addition to candles in glass, we can find scented candles in ceramic or porcelain, which are also perfectly reusable.

Sometimes we come across original scented candles in concrete casings or even flooded in natural coconuts. In Western countries, light candles in a tin are very popular, i.e. scented candles in metal boxes, which we can safely take with us even on a long journey. They are light and will allow you to introduce a fragrance to any interior.

The current trend, which has been going on for several years, is choosing scented candles in glass and adding additionally unscented soy tealights. Less and less often you will find scented candles in the traditional form of a ball or a pillar. On the other hand, scented tealights are still very popular, especially those made of natural plant waxes with intense and lasting scents.

Large amber scented candle in Mad Candle glass
Aromatic candle in a Candle-lite metal box

What candle color will match my interior?

Contrary to appearances, this is a very important issue, especially if you have a specific color scheme in the interior and you do not want to disturb it. You can choose brands characterized by neutral, natural and subdued colors, for example, the entire Amber Intensive Collection is made of soy wax in a natural, slightly creamy color.

If you like to add a bit of color to your interior seasonally, you can experiment with the colors you choose. Sets of several candles in similar colors, placed close to each other, create a coherent, harmonious whole.

In our Candle World online store, you can easily choose a candle in the color you are interested in - select filtering by color in any category of scented candles.

Which candles are the best?

Unfortunately, there is no one simple answer to this question. Each of us has different needs and preferences, everyone likes different scents and has a different style in the apartment or house.

It is certainly worth choosing candles in accordance with the current trend for natural plant wax. What makes natural candles different from others?

  • Natural candles are made from high-quality renewable sources. Waxes are obtained from various plants, for example soy waxes, palm waxes, rapeseed waxes or coconut waxes.
  • Natural candles are environmentally friendly - unlike paraffin candles (paraffin is a waste of petroleum production), natural candles are made of renewable raw materials. Reputable manufacturers only use sustainably produced vegetable waxes.
  • Natural candles do not smoke - candles made of natural plant waxes have favorable burning properties - they burn cleanly, evenly and do not smoke, even if they contain wooden wicks. Attention! Any candle placed in a draft will smoke, but even in this case, natural candles do much better!
  • Natural candles dissolve at a lower temperature. This is an average of 25 to 40 degrees - the risk of wax burns is reduced.

Nowadays, it is worth paying attention to what the candle you buy is made of. A good online store should have information about the raw materials used in the sold candles. If not, it's worth asking. With our everyday choices, we can contribute to creating a better world for ourselves and future generations.

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