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How to use essential oils in Feng Shui? Use of essential oils at home

How to use essential oils in Feng Shui? Use of essential oils at home

To best use the power of essential oils to create good Feng Shui, you need to understand what aromatherapy and essential oils are. Essential oils are pure, natural extracts obtained from various parts of plants. In terms of Feng Shui, the essential oil represents the plant's life energy, or Chi. Essential oils can be obtained from different parts of plants, for example, cinnamon oil is obtained from cinnamon bark, jasmine oil from jasmine flowers, peppermint oil from its leaves, and myrrh oil from the sap of the plant. Remember that the price of an essential oil depends on both the fragrance itself (some extracts, especially from less common plants, are more expensive) and the intensity of the extract itself.

What is aromatherapy?

Aromatherapy is a scent therapy known since antiquity, i.e. knowledge about the therapeutic, health-positive properties of natural, pure essential oils obtained from plants. It is a recognized form of alternative medicine, but also a great way to improve the mood and improve Feng Shui in our interiors. Thanks to the diffusion of the fragrance inside, we can clean the air and fill it with good energy.

Which essential oils to choose?

The first step to improving Feng Shui in your home is choosing a scent. Each essential oil has different properties. For people who are just starting their adventure with aromatherapy and Feng Shui, lavender oil is recommended due to its versatile, beneficial effects.

If you're looking for something to energize your home, try the vibrant and energizing essential oil of Bergamot, Grapefruit, Lemongrass and Peppermint. Those seeking solace and sedation can try the soothing notes of lavender, chamomile and rose oils mentioned above. Jasmine essential oil will put you in a romantic mood, while juniper oil will help you clear your mind. Clary sage oil will make you feel safe, while grapefruit essential oil will improve your memory (recommended for students during sessions).

Lavender essential oil and its use according to Feng Shui

Where to use essential oils according to Feng Shui?

If you are wondering where to use essential oils for good Feng Shui, start with places where you want to improve energy, such as the bathroom, living room or children's room. 

  • Oils with soothing, sensual notes, such as lavender, rose, ylang-ylang or jasmine essential oils, as well as soothing musk oil or relaxing gardenia notes, will be perfect for the bedroom.
  • Home office will benefit greatly from the mind-refreshing power of peppermint oil, clary sage or lemongrass. Refreshing blends of essential oils are also great (you can make them yourself from pure essential oils or buy ready-made blends in our online store). For the home office, we also recommend extracts of eucalyptus, citrus notes (like grapefruit, tangerine or orange) and peppermint.
  • The house entrance will benefit if you use vanilla essential oil in this area.
  • We recommend essential cinnamon oil for the living room - it will ensure harmony in family life. The soothing aroma of lavender and basil oil will also work well for uplifting mood.
  • In the kitchen, according to Feng Shui, it is good to use essential oils with citrus notes, such as lime, lemon or grapefruit - they will clean the air of unfavorable energy and have a stimulating effect.
  • In the dining room, peppermint oil will be great - it will clean the atmosphere, increase appetite and reduce stress at the same time.
  • In the bathroom, use sandalwood oil, cedarwood oil or cinnamon bark essential oil to balance the water element that dominates the bathroom.
  • What will be the best fragrance for a children's room? According to the principles of Feng Shui, it is worth choosing lavender oil, which will help you relax, and vanilla oil, which will help you build harmony and balance in the family.
  • In the gym, you can use strawberry oil, which will help you increase the effectiveness of your exercises.
Essential oils for every room in the house according to Feng Shui

How to use essential oils in Feng Shui - types of diffusers, aromatherapy oil burners and scent lamps

The second step is to find the best way to diffuse the oils into the air. We have two versions of diffusers to choose from - classic fireplaces for fragrance oils and waxes and modern, ultrasonic aromatherapy lamps.

Oil burner works on a very simple principle: thanks to the heat from the heater (be sure to use unscented heaters, preferably those created specifically for use in fireplaces, such as soy heaters), the essential oil mixed with water releases the aroma by diffusion. When using a traditional oil fireplace, you need to remember to watch the water level - if it evaporates on its own, instead of perfect aromatherapy, we will feel burnt oil, and the fireplace can be difficult to clean.

If you don't want to keep an eye on the water level and enjoy stress-free aromatherapy, try an ultrasonic aromatherapy lamp (ultrasonic diffuser). The aromatherapy lamps offered in our online store have special sensors, thanks to which they turn off automatically if the water in them ends. Thanks to this, you can safely use them at night and in the child's room. Thanks to the aromatherapy lamp, we can spread the selected fragrance immediately over a larger space, thanks to which we feel a greater improvement in Feng Shui. Thanks to portable aromatherapy lamps, you can enjoy the benefits of aromatherapy on the go - in your car, hotel room or office.

You can also enjoy the benefits of essential oils in Feng Shui by lighting high-quality scented candles containing pure essential oils. Such scented candles, additionally made of natural plant waxes, are otherwise aromatherapy candles. You will find in our online store - we recommend, among others, the Essential Elements collection from Candle-lite.

Essential Elements aromatherapy candles with wooden wick
Natural candle with essential oils

Meaning and usage of selected essential oils in Feng Shui

Below we have collected for you a handful of information about popular essential oils and their meaning and use in Feng Shui. Remember that some of these oils are also present in ready-made compositions of essential oils, which are specially selected to achieve the desired effect. See our recommended essential oils for aromatherapy according to Feng Shui.

  • Benzoin oil (benzoin) - formerly it was believed that benzoin oil helps to remove evil spirits, and in Feng Shui this oil will help clear the atmosphere after an argument.
  • Bergamot Oil - This refreshing essential oil will help fight depression and reduce anxiety and tension.
  • Chamomile oil - was already known in ancient Egypt thanks to its stress-relieving and relaxing properties. Add chamomile oil if you want to provide all-important feng shui tension relief and a soothing effect on bad guys.
  • Eucalyptus oil - known for its refreshing and cleansing properties, if you mix it with peppermint oil, it will help your concentration.
  • Frankincense oil - is an aromatic resin from which oil is obtained, which increases the sense of comfort. Ensure good Feng Shui in the office by using this oil - it will help you stay focused.
  • Jasmine oil - Used in traditional Chinese medicine, this strongly floral oil increases optimism and self-confidence.
  • Lavender oil - one of the most frequently recommended in Feng Shui due to its versatile, beneficial effects. Lavender oil will soothe your mind and is especially useful when you tend to overthink. Soothing notes of lavender will help you get rid of negative thoughts and neutralize the effects of stressful events.
  • Lemon oil - this oil will give the interior a strong character and intensively refresh it. When you feel lost, apply lemon oil - it will restore mental clarity.
  • Rosemary oil - if you are nervously exhausted, use rosemary oil, it will help you relax and regenerate.
  • Mandarin oil - this refreshing oil will be a great replacement for afternoon coffee - it's a powerful dose of refreshment.
  • Tea tree oil - an essential oil known for its antiseptic properties, refreshes and purifies the air. It will help to regenerate the atmosphere and clean the air after an illness.
  • Ylang-Ylang oil - this wonderful essential oil with a wide spectrum of fragrance notes is a known aphrodisiac - use it if you want to put yourself in a romantic mood.
Herbs are the basis for the production of some essential oils used in Feng Shui practice
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